social/emotional aspect disability assignments due sunday 8pm

“In addition to the assigned reading of Chapters 1-3 in the text, read the first page, paragraph 2, of the Preface.  Note the authors’ specify three (3) primary (or “”overriding””) ideas of their approach (and ours in this class) to learning about and working with persons with disabilities. Also, read the authors’ list of six (6) “”guiding principles”” on the last page (xvii) of the Preface.
After viewing this video, identify the “”key words”” for each idea and then for each of guiding principle and discuss which are demonstrated in this short video.  Then, in at least two statements, briefly describe how you believe these ideas and principles were demonstrated in this video for you.  Your statements should be your own critique of the usefulness of this video toward your expectations for this class.  Here’s an example of the first idea and first point (you will do the rest), followed by my personal critique:
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