Short Assignment #3: Synthesis Practice (Bullying)

ENGL 102
Short Assignment #3: Synthesis Practice (Bullying)
The purpose of the Synthesis Essay is to find a meaningful relationship amongst sources, and to develop your own thesis statement (argument) based on this relationship.
Some basic ways to think about this are:
What do the sources have in common and/or how do the sources differ?
• For example, does one discuss pros and cons of a topic, while another only focuses on one of these, or even on one pro or con?
• Do the sources come to different conclusions?
• Do they use different kinds of sources/arguments to come to different or similar conclusions?
• Are the sources using different media or focusing on different audiences?
The best way to figure out the relationship is to write a brief summary of each source (1 sentence) and then look at ways they connect/overlap/contradict one another/have different goals, etc.
You can do this visually by mapping the ideas of the sources, or creating a Venn diagram of the sources, or writing some sort of table or outline of the sources.
Then decide on the meaningful relationship amongst the sources that you want to focus on for your thesis.
Part 2: Individual Work
Working on your own, and using the same sources on bullying, do the following:
a. Set up your page in MLA format
b. Give your synthesis essay a title
c. Write an introduction paragraph that gets your reader’s attention, briefly introduces and summarizes the 3 sources you will use, and states your thesis that identifies a meaningful relationship amongst the sources and an argument.
NOTE: you will NOT be writing an entire essay, just setting up an essay as if you were going to write one.
d. Write an outline of the paper (you will NOT write the essay, just the outline) using the format from the Synthesis slideshow.
e. Write a Works Cited page OF ALL SIX SOURCES
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