SFIA assessment

Assessment 2 Requirements
800 words per member
3 ten credible references must be used and these must be from referred academic (scholarly) journals (within last 5 years).
The purpose of Assessment 2 is to give students the opportunity to experience and to demonstrate their capabilities relevant to, essential aspects of the work of an information system professional.
This is a group project (up to 3 members) with each student to contribute within their area of expertise to the group as determined by the SFIA assessment by developing a component of a system that can stand alone or be integrated to form a complete system. Students will be assessed on a number of SFIA skills, including critical thinking, problem-solving, effective use of diverse resources, and their approach towards the greater good in providing a business solution.
The prototype of the business website should be provided, including the URL. The project description should include details such as web development programs or e-commerce development tools used for website development and the reasons why those specific tools were chosen.
Write a 2500 words project report. Ensure appropriate diagrams, tables, and other relevant artefacts are included. Maintain academic writing with appropriate referencing. You must document your assumptions and how they have affected your report. All team members must clearly identify each student’s contribution. Use in-text referencing to support your explanations. Ensure academic writing with HARVARD referencing style for in-text referencing and the References List.
At least ten credible references must be used, and at least six of these must be from referred academic (scholarly) journals. The maximum four general references may be from the Internet or industry websites. The references must be current (i.e., within the last five (5) years).
The report must include the following sections in the order shown:
• Title page: must include assignment title, a suitable report title, student names and student numbers of the group, group number, unit code and name, semester and year, name of your campus lecturer-in-charge, due date, the date submitted, and URL of your business website prototype. Not included in the word count.
• Executive Summary: sometimes called an abstract. The purpose is to sum up the entire report. This part should be approximately half of the A4 page. Place this on its own page. Not included in the word count.
Executive Summary should include as:
 the purpose of the report (why it was written);
 the problem and how it was investigated;
 what you found out and what you concluded;
 your recommendations and limitations (if applicable).
• Table of Contents: should list the report topics using decimal notation. Not included in the word count.
Create the Table of Contents (ToC) using MS Word’s ToC auto-generator rather than manually typing out the ToC. Instructions can be found here (https://support.office.com/en-gb/article/Create- a-table-of-contents-or-update-a-table-of-contents-eb275189-b93e-4559-8dd9-
c279457bfd72# create_a_table).
• Introduction: (Should be one A4 page.)
The introduction should include as:
 background information on the topic
 purpose of the report
 research methods used
 the scope of the report (if applicable but may not be used in the assessment)
 outline of report structure
• Body of the report: should provide an analysis of the information that you gathered. Organising the sections in a logical sequence: what you investigated, what you found. Include examples to back up your ideas, with particular reference to what you found in your research. Ensure that you explore the tasks listed in the case study scenario, including identification and analysis of issues and challenges.
Create meaningful headings and subheadings that reflect the topic and content of your report. Do NOT use generic words such as ‘Body, Body of the Report, Tasks’ as section headings.
• Conclusion: should restate the purpose of the report and key issues investigated and the related findings based on your research and analysis. Explain the significance of your findings for addressing the problem stated in the case scenario and any limitations. State how your report has achieved its objectives. (Should be half of the A4 page.)
The conclusion should include at least as:
 a restating of the topic of the report and the aims of the report
 a brief overview of the key issues or findings covered in the report (refer to the original aims of the report as outlined in the introduction)
 a statement about the significance or implications of the issues or findings discussed in the report (this statement usually leaves the reader with something to think about)
• Recommendations: Suggested three specific actions to address the case. Actions were based on the discussion of the report. Not included in the word count.
• References: With HARVARD referencing style for the References List. Not included in the word count.
• Appendix: should include your group meeting agenda (at least five group meetings from teaching week 7 to week 11), and other materials that you prefer to provide. Not included in the word count.
Other Formatting Requirements
• Header (Assignment title, centered, and page number, right-aligned)
• Footer (group number, left-aligned, and unit code/semester/year, right-aligned)
• Header and footer should start from the page containing the ‘Introduction’ heading.
• The page number should start from the page of the introduction.
• Text formatting (Times New Roman, 12pt., single-spaced. You may also make use of appropriate emphasis such as bold, italics, and underscore).
• Paragraph formatting (left-aligned, single-spaced, and 6 pt space after each paragraph).
• Page formatting (should be in A4, portrait orientation, with 2.54cm margin all around).
• Do not add the number or bullet-point Headings and Sub-headings.

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