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Application ID:
Application Type: Scholarship
Organization: Individual
Primary Contact:
Profile Details
Applicant Details
To access profile information: click ‘Home’ (top right). From your home page click ‘Organization Profile’ (building
icon) or ‘Personal Profile’ (crowd icon).
If your profile information is not current, please go to your profile and update it before completing the
Have you received BCAC Scholarship funding from this program in the past?
please select
Amount requested: ($6,000 maximum amount; $3,000 if in final full-time semester)
please select
British Columbia Resident Acknowledgement
For security reasons, please do not enter proof of residency personal information in this application; if proof is
required, it will be requested separately.
Page 1 of 11Program of Study
Proposed Course of Study
What proof of B.C.
residency are you able to
provide (upon request):
[check all that apply]:
If you did not check all
the B.C. residency boxes
above, explain why:
Resident of B.C. since
Age as of application deadline (May 15)
Applicants who are not at least 15 years of age at the time of application must upload a letter outlining
reasons for special consideration here.
What level of study are you applying for?
(period that falls between Summer this year and Spring next year)
Please Select
Upload letter of acceptance (when available)
After the deadline, applicants must submit their letter of acceptance via email (
Complete this section with information about the program you will be attending and for which you are requesting
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I hold a valid BC services card or BC driver’s license.
I hold a valid BC medical card.
If I have a student loan, it is from B.C. (if from another province, provide details
I filed taxes for last calendar year as a B.C. resident (if not provide details below).
I am a Canadian citizen of Permanent Resident, able to provide a Canadian
social insurance number.
yyyy-mm-ddField of Practice
Institution Name
100 characters left
City of Institution
20 characters left
Province/State & Country of Institution
40 characters left
Name of Degree/Diploma sought andmajor (i.e. Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Visual Arts)
80 characters left
Total duration of degree or diploma (i.e. 4 years, September 2020 – April 2024)
50 characters left
Upcoming Study Period (for which you are requesting support) – Start Date
Upcoming Study Period (for which you are requesting support) – End Date
Select only one of the following. Please select the primary field of practice most relevant to your program of study.
This category will determine the adjudication panel which will assess your application. Should you have multiple
fields of practice, please select your primary focus. If your primary practice is not represented in this list below or
your work is interdisciplinary please specify under “Other”.
Contemporary Applied Arts
Please Select
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Creative Writing
Please Select
Please Select
Media Arts
Please Select
Please Select
Please Select
Visual Arts
Please Select
Arts Administration / Museology
Please Select
Other Discipline or specialization (please explain)
Name Of Institution Currently Attending
100 characters left
Current Level/Year (completed)
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250 characters leftWritten Materials
100 characters left
100 characters left
Are you currently (at the time of application) attending a secondary or post-secondary program?
Please Select
Transcript (most-recent from current studies; unofficial with final (or interim) spring grades is acceptable
at time of application)
After the deadline, applicants must submit transcript with final spring grades via email
Educational History
Institution Name, and City Program Number of years in program Diploma/Degree/Level
Achieved (or in progress)
– – –

Additional Details
Instructor or Program Name,
and city Area Of Specialization Length of Course Degree or Grade Achieved
– – – –
Artistic Statement: Please explain the nature of your work or your artistic practice. You may also describe
your creative process, philosophy, vision, and passion.
500 words left
Page 5 of 11Performing Arts Repertoire
Please articulate the relationship of your work to its cultural context and how appropriate protocols are
being addressed.
100 words left
Why did you chose your particular program / course of study and how does it relate to your future goals as
an artist / art practitioner?
250 words left
Please describe any barriers – other than financial – that you may have faced throughout your education
and/or training in this discipline.
100 words left
List major exhibitions, examinations, performances, productions, publications, or festivals and any
significant recognition achieved (including when and in what capacity).
Applicants in the studio arts (creative writing, visual arts, design, craft, media arts) should provide a list of work
created and/or publicly presented in the past 2 years. Indicate the date of creation and whether the work has
received public presentation through exhibition, readings, screenings, publishing, etc.
250 words left
Applicants in the performing arts (dance, drama, music) are requested to list repertoire established in the
past 2 years. List repertoire starting with most recent works.
(a) Acting and dance students should indicate roles they have prepared or performed/choreographed/composed.
(b) Music students should provide a list of solo, chamber and/or significant orchestral works performed or
(c) Directing students should indicate works they have directed and other related theatrical experience.
(d) Technical theatre students should indicate work experience for theatrical productions and course projects.
Page 6 of 11References
Administrative Expenses
Amount Notes
Tuition/Instructor’s Fees $0
Living Expenses $0
Equipment/Instruments $0
Other (Specify in Notes) $0
Total Expenses $0
Amount Notes
Scholarships/Bursaries (from
educational institution, please specify in
Scholarships / Bursaries (from other
sources, please specify in Notes) $0
Employment Revenues $0
Loans $0
Other Revenues (Specify in Notes) $0
BCAC scholarship request ($6,000 or
$3,000) $0
Total Revenues $0
Page 7 of 11Portfolio
Portfolio Requirements and Inventory
Two letters of reference or appraisal are encouraged, however, you are only required to submit one
reference for this application.
Invite your references to submit before the deadline (May 15th). You will receive an email notification
after your reference has been submitted. Their reference will be confidential, meaning you will not be
able to view it.
Please Note: Once the invitation is sent through the system, your reference will receive an email. To
ensure that the correspondence doesn’t get caught up in their spam filters, you may wish to advise your
reference to look out for an email from
Please provide the portfolio materials as described in the Portfolio Requirements Checklist. Materials may be
provided as uploads here or, for video, as links to external sites (ie. artist websites, Vimeo, etc.) NOTE: Before
submitting, test the materials to make sure that they are readable and of good quality. It is the responsibility of the
applicant to ensure the readability, quality of images and sound level of all submissions.
Page 8 of 11Portfolio List
Item No. Title/Name of
Creation Date
Description of Work
(be sure to include
timecode or other
notes to identify
yourself in group
URL (if not
uploading with
Password, if
Portfolio Materials – Upload media files here
EXTENSION (.jpg, .mp3, etc.)
The ORDER NUMBER will ensure the works are presented chronologically. Do not put any special characters or
symbols or quotation marks (e.g. #?_”&|…) in the file name. Include the extension in the file name.
File Naming Example: SmithSara01Painting.jpg
The following file extensions are supported:
Audio: .mp3,.flac,.wma,.wav,.ra,.rm,.mid,.midi,.ogg
Video: .mp4,.mov,.flv,.ogv,.webm,.wmv,.mkv,.avi,.mov,.rm,.asf,.rmvb,.mpg,.mpeg,.mpg,.mp2,.m4v
Image: .jpeg,.jpg,.gif,.png,.bmp
(Videos may take a few minutes before they become accessible while they are copied to a media server. The
preview thumbnail will appear as 3 dots until this is completed.)
Page 9 of 11Resumé or CV
Portfolio Materials – Upload written files here
The ORDER NUMBER will ensure the works are presented chronologically. Do not put any special characters or
symbols or quotation marks (e.g. #?_”&|…) in the file name. Include the extension in the file name.
File Naming Example: SmithSara01Poetry.pdf
The following file extensions are supported:
Written: .pdf
A curriculum vitae (CV) is highly encouraged for all senior applicants and required as part of the portfolio for Arts
Administration and Museology applicants. Optional for junior applicants. Maximum two pages.
Upload your curriculum vitae (CV)
The applicant/student for this scholarship must complete this section.
If under 19 years, the applicant must also have their parent/guardian, check the box below.
Page 10 of 11In submitting this application, I declare that, to the best of my knowledge and belief:
I meet all of the eligibility criteria for this program; and
the information provided in this application is complete and true in every respect;
and I consent (effective as of the date of submission of this application) to the disclosure outside of
Canada, including by way of the Internet, of my personal information submitted with this application for
public reporting and promotional purposes relating to this program.
Personal Information
The personal information on this application is collected in accordance with Section 26(c) and (e) of the Fre
edom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and will be used for the following purposes: determining
suitability for and awarding of funding, tracking and distributing funding, program development and
evaluation, and communication and outreach.
Personal information collected through the application process may be disclosed to external peer
assessors in order to adjudicate this application. If successful, your Social Insurance Number may be
disclosed to Canada Revenue Agency through the issuance of T4As.
In addition, the applicant’s name, location, funded activity and award amount may be made publicly
available, including worldwide by way of the Internet, should funding be awarded.
If you have questions about the collection, use or disclosure of personal information, please contact
Director, BC Arts Council
800 Johnson Street, Victoria, B.C., V8W 9W3
Phone: (250) 356-1718
I understand and agree to the terms and conditions stated above.
Age declaration:
please select
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