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  Assignment Title:  Review Paper with video narrative on Modern Topics in Infromation Security
Assignment Overview: A literature review may be published as an independent report or as part of a larger report. The purpose of both is to provide information on current publications about a particular topic. Literature reviews are highly condensed and heavily documented.  In this assignment, you are required to write a review paper for a selected topic in infomation security by reviewing past literature relevant to the topic. A literature review is a report/article which describes the “literature” (that is, the important source material) on a particular topic. A literature review also helps you synthesize literature on your topic because in the process of writing a literature review, the writer learns to (1) identify various important issues/questions raised in the literature, and (2) sort and categorize experts’ views according to the issues/questions identified in the literature. The primary purpose of the report/article is to provide your target audience with an overview of what the experts are saying about the problem under investigation. Your report will update your target audience on the recent research in the field. Completion of this assignment will build your skills in the following areas: critical reading, evaluation, analysis, synthesis, report organization, use and integration of sources, and IEEE documentation. Developing these skills will demonstrate great progress toward achieving our course goals.

Your paper must include the following:

1.       Review Paper Title

  • Author’s information
  • Abstract
  • Index terms: key words of the research area
  • Introduction: What are you writing about? How many people are impacted? Who are these stakeholders? Significance of the topic.
  • Research statement/ objectives: “This paper reviews the literature surrounding…implications for cyber security (or something like that). Tell the reader exactly what you are going to address.
  • Review of the literature: Expand on the stuff that you talked about in the intro and thesis statement, Use current and classic studies, include subtopics for clarity, You must address a current topic in cyber security and to what extent the research activities are carried out in the topic, implications for research,
  • Future research: Is there enough research about the topic? Where are we lacking (future research) in research relevant to the topic? What research do you feel needs to be conducted?

9.       Conclusion

  1. Appendix: if any available

11.   Acknowledgement

  1. References: More than 15 published materials/ internet sources should be present and must follow IEEE referencing style. Websites are not permitted for this paper, with the exception of .gov websites. These websites must be used sparingly, with no more than 5 sentences from these websites

The words in bold are your headings. You MUST use headings, if you do not use headings, your paper will be returned ungraded, and you will be required to resubmit your paper. It will be considered late.

Requirements (NOT suggestions) for Paper

  • Paper must be in IEEE format. Citations must be used. This is a research paper; therefore all information must be cited. You must cite multiple times within the same paragraph, even if you are citing only one source. Citing once at the end of the paragraph is not acceptable.
  • Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated. You MUST reword the information and CITE it (yes, you must cite if you reword). Copying and pasting without rewording is plagiarism and will not be tolerated (even if it is cited). If it is not your original thought or general knowledge (sun is yellow, sky is blue…) then it must be cited.
  • Do not make statements such as “LSB is a primitive algorithm in data hiding” without citing it. You were not the first to think of this. If more than 5 sentences in a row are copied and pasted you will not receive credit for that section. See syllabus for academic integrity policy. Do not use direct quotes. Papers with more than one direct quote (maximum 2 sentences) will have points deducted.
  • Do not use “I”, “We”, or “this researcher” or “you” statements. Do not begin sentences with “also”, “also too”, “so”.
  • You must use at least 15 sources. You must include a reference page and title page and both must be in IEEE format. Do not cite your instructor or any other instructor-or their slides or classnotes
  • You must have headings. Papers without headings will be returned for correction and considered late.
  • Papers submitted for other classes may not be submitted for this class. If you submit a paper for this class that has been submitted for other classes, you will receive a failing grade.
    •  All review papers will be uploaded to and make sure it is your best work. No rewrites will be granted.
    • No late submissions are acceptable andentertained.

Document Formatting

The format of the article is available (Templates for Transactions heading) in the link given below:

Evaluation Criteria

CriterionMarks AllocatedMarks Obtained
Abstract5 Marks 
Introduction5 Marks 
Research statement/ objectives5 Marks 
Review of the literature25 Marks 
Future research10 Marks 
Conclusion5 Marks 
References     (IEEE     in-text                      and reference list)5 Marks 
Clarity    of    the    paper.    Use of grammar, language and scholarly work10 Marks 
Organization of the presentation5 Marks 
Use of    visual    aids    (diagrams, figures, tables charts, etc.)10 Marks 
Clarify     of       the                information represented5 Marks 
Use of language10 Marks 
Total100 Marks 

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