responding to peers

The way that Mrs. Ashlands classroom differ from High/Scope is in the Plan-do-review component. According to Earlychildhood News (2008), “Plan-do-review” is another major component of the High/Scope framework. Children are encouraged to: 1) plan the area, materials, and methods they are going to work with; 2) do, actually carry out their plan; and 3) review, articulate with the class-room community what they actually did during work time. The review time helps children bring closure to their work and link their actual work to their plan.
The one modification I would implement in Mrs. Ashlands classroom would be the Plan-do-review component. Â This could be as simple as adding a few minutes for the children to plan their course of action after Mrs. Ashlands daily schedule review. Â The review component could also be simple, such as a game of flashlight; the teacher points a flashlight, one child at a time, and that child recalls an interest area that they visited and tells what they did in that area.  According to the text, providing blocks of playtime is an important part of child development and that it is important for teachers to encourage as well as build onto this component. Â By using the plan-do-review component the teacher is purposely creating teachable moments in which the children can actively participate.
I love Mrs. Ashland classroom the set up she has is so close to mines. I love the way she has children art work displayed in hallway on their eye level, so children can see their creative work, so I would say creative would be my curriculum to use for this class set up.
I chose creative curriculum, because of the various centers set up, so children can explore and be creative with materials.
I my model of teaching will align with Mrs. Ashland, because I use this method of teaching for 14 years and her classroom is set up in a creative way, just make sure their are enough materials access in each centers for children to be creative with, because children learn through social and play skills.
To ensure that creative curriculum would be successfully make sure children have enough materials in each centers and accessible for them in reach not so high they can not reach, have art, writing and books available in each centers, so children may at anytime want to make and write something for their parents or teachers.
“The curriculum,” says NAEYC, “consists of the knowledge and skills to be acquired in the educational program as well as the plans for experiences through which children’s learning will take place” (Copple & Bredekamp, 2009, p. 41) this is the text book supports my analysis and also making sure each the classroom centers are set up for literacy, language, math, social studies, dramatic,art, music and outside for exploring in sand and dirt.

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