Researched Argumentative Essay

In Unit III, you will write a researched argumentative essay in at least 3000+ words that presents and supports a thoughtful answer to your research question in the form of a claim. The essay must draw on at least eight sources, three of which must be scholarly and all of which must be cited and documented ethically.
Format: standard Margins (one inch on all sides) and 12 pt. Times New Roman Font.
Late submissions will be penalized 1/3 of a letter grade per day starting Thursday morning 12.3.
The Details:
The Unit III Paper should be written for a particular research audience comprised of people interested in your topic; you will need to demonstrate the importance of your argument to them and address them in an academic manner. Begin with an introductory section of paragraphs that spells out the context for your argument, clearly depicts your conceptual problem, and launches the reader into the argument with a fully elaborated and debatable main claim. Your body paragraphs should include several sub-claims that are backed up by sufficient reasons and evidence. Your writing should reflect the research you performed in Unit II (and perhaps continues in Unit III) in order to solve your research question. Your paper should also acknowledge one or more major objections to your main claim and respond to it/them convincingly, in order to build your character and demonstrate your sophisticated understanding of the problem to your reader. You should then end the paper with conclusion that restates the problem and your solution.
Students will:
● Continue research begun in Unit II (and perhaps continues in Unit III) to answer their research question.
● Based on their research, identify and articulate a debatable and cogent claim.
● Test their claim and the strength of their reasons and evidence.
● Identify and strategize on how to effectively address an audience appropriate to their argument.
● Utilize various sources to support the main claim.
● Acknowledge and respond to counter-arguments.
● Plan and draft the essay including appropriate citation/documentation.
● Participate in peer review.
● Revise and edit the essay in response to peer and faculty feedback.
In addition to the expectations identified above, final essays will be evaluated according to the following set of standards. Though this list is not exhaustive, it is the foundation for a successful paper and should offer some guidance as to what we are looking for in your final papers.
● states the problem that the essay is a response to
● provides some context to the topic (historical, social, political, etc.)
● clearly articulates the main claim
○ which is debatable and reflects a careful focusing of the author’s field of inquiry as well as an attempt to share some original thought or meaningful synthesis
○ which is thorough; the heart of the main claim can, and may likely be, a single sentence, but it can be surrounded or accompanied by one or more of those items above and also by what Booth calls “reasons,” stating why the main claim is a valid one and laying out the groundwork, then, for the essay’s structure
Body of the Essay
● source material used ethically and engagingly with an effective combination of summaries, paraphrases, and direct quotes throughout the essay
● proper attribution and in-text citation of source material
● clear analysis that connects supporting points to the main claim and develops meaningful synthesis between source materials
● paragraphs that, for the most part, each make a single point, a point supported as much as possible by empirical evidence (as opposed to opinion)
● sincere and thorough acknowledgment of and response to reasonable alternative viewpoints
● addresses the entirety of the essay rather than just a part of it
● complete and correct citation of all sources used in the essay
● source material retrieved from those places where the most recent and comprehensive research and thought on the topic reside

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