Research Paper

Topic: Introduction of Afrobeat dance in a course program of a community college.
Use the proposal and the sources from the annotated bibliography to do the research paper.
Additional information attached.
Topic: Introduction of Afrobeat Dance in a course program of a community college.
Requirements and Overview
The purpose of this paper is to execute the student’s proposal by writing a 12pages paper on the topic they chose and wrote about from the proposal. The use of graphs is not necessary, but visuals are encouraged.
Basic Structure
Please start with a brief overview of the paper’s subject matter, from general to specific in ONE paragraph, and then at the end of the paragraph state the thesis statement. The following parts should be included:
Introduction: brief overview, the action planned, and alternatives investigated
Overview of alternatives: Presents a general description of all the alternatives.
Criteria: Identifies the standards by which the action or alternatives were evaluated and focuses on the criteria that are important to the reader.
Methods: Simply how the writer got the ideas and material presented in the report. Enough detail should be given to assure readers that the writer’s research is adequate.
Evaluation (usually the longest part): Evaluates action or alternatives in terms of the criteria. Presents facts and evidence that support each evaluative statement.
Conclusions: Explains the significance, from the reader’s viewpoint, of the writer’s facts and generalizations about them. States the conclusion planning using the “So what” question.
Paper will have a Works Cited page and follow parenthetical documentation according to MLA guidelines. In-text citations should include a hyperlink to the source used.
Paper will be 12 pages in length
Primary source used will be the topic or issue the student has been writing about.
Secondary sources: six from academic journals, credible professionals. These can be on social media IF the presenters are noted professionals, but video length needs to be at least three minutes. Other sources need to be five pages in length and should address the themes or issues student is addressing within a text and culture. Must have a Works Cited page
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