Research Objectives writing

Research Objectives
The research objectives set for this study are:
● To understand the chances The Giant Nestle Bottle Project will enter the Thailand market
● To understand perception of targeted audience on Nestle Water brand and drinking water
consumption with the aim of to know the direction of the future changes in consumer’s minds
about Nestle Water brand and its product extension in the form of Giant Bottle for drinking water
Research Objectives:
The main objective for this research is to understand the market for ecotourism among Southeast
Asian youths by:
 Investigating the awareness on Ecotourism and opinion on sustainable tourism
 Analyzing the interest and intention/willingness towards ecotourism activities
 Understand the potential ecotourism market in accordance to demographic, values and
Research Objectives:
– To understand what factors could improve student’s study performance and how can
students perform better, based on qualitative and qualitative researches.
– How students would prefer the university to help with their study performances.
Research objectives:
● To understand Thai consumers behavior in “Sheet mask” field.
● To measure Thai customers’ recognition and perception about “My Beauty Diary” sheet mask.
● To determine the appropriate communication channels for gaining customer attention and
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