Research methods Hw

“Follow the following instructions, please to develop my research data collection instrument:
Data Collection Instrument Instructions
· Based on your Research Question (s), Specific Aims, and Study Approach, you will design an instrument using the slides from Class 9, 3/29/18 lecture as a guide.
· You will each design a missed methods data collection instrument containing both quantitative and qualitative questions.
· You will decide whether you want your data collection instrument to be primarily quantitative or qualitative.
· For Quantitative studies, a survey or similar data collection instrument with a MINIMUM of 10 items (may have more) is required. You will also include 3-5 open-ended, qualitative questions at the end.
· For Qualitative studies a GENERAL (SEMI-STRUCTURED) INTERVIEW GUIDE of at least 10 questions is required. You will also include an quantitative introductory (3-5 question) set of questions at the beginning. For example, you might ask some demographic questions (age, gender, yes-no questions, how many times…. Etc.)
· For each question, you will briefly tell what research question, aim, or variable you are collecting.
· For primarily quantitative surveys, you will describe how you propose to establish validity (and what type(s) of validity) and reliability (types).
· For qualitative interview guides, you will describe the field notes you will collect in advance to inform the questions. You do not need to discuss validity/ reliability for the introductory quantitative questions preceding your interview guide.
– You can use the attached documents as a references to get a general idea about my research topic.
– Then, develop the data collection instrument based on that.”
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