Research for Assignment : Managing People in a Workplace in Global Context

I have a 1500 word essay due for a Masters Level University assignment that I need help with. I’m looking for someone to assist with editing, proofreading and research.
The details of the assignment are as follows:
1. The 1500 word formal referenced essay with full and accurate reference list
and 10 (ten) visual image slides and accompanying explanation of the slides
(maximum of 800 words, note that there is no minimum word count) must
address the following:
(1) Against the country context, identify the main parties within
employment relations and provide a brief overview of their roles.
(2) How does the Government regulate the employment relationship within
different types of employing organisations?
(3) How might the ILO’s decent work agenda fit into this regulatory
framework or is it not relevant? Please provide an explanation for your
response to this question.
I need to write about any one of the following countries listed below
• Kenya
• South Africa
• Argentina
• Brazil
• Chile
• Indonesia
• Malaysia
• Thailand
• The Philippines
• Greece
• Poland
• Russia
• Saudi Arabia
• Turkey
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