Required: Critical analysis of quantitative

Required: Critical analysis of quantitative
research Format: 1,500 to 1,800 words based on the guidelines below.
The articles that I choose
Article 2 : The moderating impact of self-esteem on self-affirmation effects.
(connect the content of the 2nd article to business studies (or job performance in particular). The second article, although it addresses self-esteem, it relates to self-affirmation but not necessarily to the business environment.
The sampling method in the first article and the way they chose their participants is very interesting. Make sure you write about that in your submission.)
Assignment Brief (3 parts):
The two articles should be addressing the same overarching research topic in business studies but studying different facets/problem statements related to the topic.
For example, two quantitative research articles on employee engagement that address different research questions related to the overarching topic of employee engagement. The two articles should not be dated earlier than 2010. The business topic is of your choice and interest.
(ii)- Write a critical analysis of the two articles while addressing the content areas below. Your analysis should have information, interpretation, and evaluation of the work. Support your arguments and evaluation with referenced justification.
Critical analysis requires critical reading:
a. Include copy of the article abstracts in an appendix
b. What was the purpose of the study in each article? How different were the studies, given they share a similar overarching topic? Compare and contrast (think of the adopted conceptual framework in each study; the type of knowledge each study was seeking; basic vs applied research etc.)
c. What were the research questions in each study? Compare and contrast (were they explicitly stated; what form were they stated in; were they congruent with the purpose of the study etc)
d. What was the research design in each study?
e. What was the data collection methodology in each study? What statistical tests did each study use to answer the research questions?
f. Were the results and interpretations clearly stated?
(iii)- What research questions would you be interested in addressing if you were to conduct a research study on the same overarching topic in parts (i) and (ii).
From the pool of methods studied in lectures, what research design and methodology would you select? What data collection tool would you employ? From the data analysis tools studied in the lectures, which would you use to answer your research questions.
Include the abstract of the articles in the appendix.
About the references:
6 references.
At least 2 of them are about the research.
At least 3 of them support the research method.
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