Report Writing Instructions & Topics

Select one prompt from the topics below, which is of interest to you. You can choose any one of the prompts, although it may be useful to select one that is closely related to your area of study.
You will analyse and interpret your topic, write your report title, create either a business or a practical report, research your selected topic, format your report template with section headings and sub-headings and write a report of 1000 +/- 10% words, using Ariel, Courier or Ariel Narrow 12 fonts.
Word Count 1000 +/- 10% words
Number of Sources: at least 5 sources. Two out of these need to be peer- reviewed sources.
Technical Information
Your report must:
• Use a template that you have created using Word
• Have numbered sections and sub-headings
• Have a working table of contents
• Have a glossary
• Use quality sources, 2 of which must be peer reviewed
• Have properly laid out intext citations and a reference list
• Use 12 font (Ariel. Ariel Narrow or Courier)
Your report must also have the following:
o Executive Summary/Abstract (not included in the word count)
o Introduction
o Discussion/Findings/Analysis
o Conclusion
o Recommendations section
o Reference list
o Appendices (optional)
Report Topics to Choose from:
You can choose any of the questions although it is advisable to select from your discipline
1. Accounting: What is creative Accounting, and does it challenge corporate ethical conduct?
2. Arts: Technology will never be as smart as humans.
3. Aviation: Airlines need to survive in the industry by forming partnerships and alliances. Without collaborative effort, their businesses will go broke.
4. Biology/Pre-med: Good health begins at home AND at school. What can schools do to ensure students are healthy and well nourished?
5. Business: “Reputation quotient” why is it important to have good standing as a corporate citizen?
6. Engineering: Why do students in this field need to know their subject matter thoroughly and to a high standard?
7. IT: Preparing students for a technological world
8. Dietetics/nutrition: The importance of nutrition programs for rehabilitation
9. General: Critical thinking versus other learning systems
10. Education: Literacy programs for a community
11. Environmental Science: Educating the public as strategy for addressing environmental issues
12. Health/Wellness: Are health clubs always healthy?
13. Journalism: reporting sensitive/classified materials or news leaks
14. Marketing: company image makeovers. Is this always an ethical matter?
15. Nursing: changing role of technology in the profession
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