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Refugee Health Paper
The final paper for the course is the largest single component of your grade. For this paper I would like you to pick a topic involving displaced or conflict-affected populations and their health which interests you, and about which you would like to do further study. This can be about a geographic area such as Chechnya or Northern Uganda or such. Or it can be about a topic some examples being as HIV/AIDS or meningitis or hepatitis. You might also address structure of care or broader topics such as human security or relationships with host governments or host communities. In other words, there is a broad variety of topics to choose from. The health aspect can be diseases or conditions, access to health, health systems, health policy and the like.
The major requirement in picking a topic is that there is a coherent theme which can be created from this information to state and defend a position, idea or thesis. While a mainly descriptive paper is often an interesting approach, it is important that you can take the information you have acquired and distil it into conclusions and suggestions on how problems and issues identified could be more effectively addressed. I would want to see that you have thought through the issues in a serious and measured way.
Before selecting a topic it is wise to consider how much reference material is available on the topic. It is disappointing to start on a paper only to find that the information accessible is insufficient to develop the idea and assess effectiveness of approaches to its resolution. When considering sources, you can access some of the “grey literature’ in the Oxford Refugee Studies Programme (accessible online). Also beware of selecting a topic that is too broad, hence making the understanding and conclusions difficult to develop in the 2000 or so words in the paper.
If you have specific topics which you are interested in, but are unsure of their suitability, please see Meighan or myself at class time, and we will try to help you in your thinking.
Good luck in putting the paper together. If well done you should learn a lot from this exercise.
Final Paper
Overview and Guidelines
The final paper will be a research paper dealing with an area of interest related to refugee and/or IDP populations. If you’re not sure about a topic, please check with the instructors. The paper is critique and more than just “reporting” on a particular crisis. You can give the background/ situation and then your critique of it. In general, the paper needs:
1. reporting on a refugee/IDP situation
2. having a critical eye and seeing what potential public health/other threats there may be or analyzing the ramifications of the situation
3. Recommendations based on how other organizations, governments, and guidelines that things could be better OR recommendations of how things could be better if there are no policies, guidelines, etc.
4. conclusions
• Print out the Final Paper Self-Assessment Form and use the criteria provided to outline your paper. Assess your performance based on the criteria and combine this form with the final paper when you submit.
• The paper must be referenced appropriately (using footnotes, endnotes, bibliography, etc.) that adhere to a consistent style (e.g., APA, MLA or Chicago).
• The paper should be constructed according to the performance elements specified on the RHC final paper evaluation/assessment form.
• Papers should be 10–12 pages, double-spaced, and in 12-point font if using Times Roman or a similar serif font, or in 10-point font if using Arial or a similar sans-serif font.
• Papers should have a cover page with the following information: your name, title of paper, course number, and date.
• Pages should be numbered. The title page, references, and self-evaluation page do not count toward the length of the paper.
• Papers that focus on guidelines or best practices will not be accepted.
Optional Resources
• Welch Library – access to complete articles in various e-journals, e-databases, pubmed
• Search Engines (e.g. Google) – reports from UNAIDS, UNICEF, and other large NGOs
• “Resources” Readings in the Online Library
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