Public relations

In This Is PR read
Chapter 9, Communication Channels and Media
Chapter 10, Tactics and Techniques: Details that make PR Strategies Work
Chap­­­­­­­ter 11, Campaigns
You are to design a promotional campaign for a program to promote Wear Masks in the U. S, until July 4th. Consult the Web for background material.
1) Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the different media. Use the texts. Be sure to document correctly including the references.
2) Determine what the theme will be for the campaign.
3) Write a new release for the campaign.
4) If the PR specialist were interviewed by a reporter, how would he or she want to be quoted?
5) Write a 30 second radio announcement.
6) Design an event to raise money for this campaign.
Four to five (4-5) pages, double spaced, required.
Remember the goal is to demonstrate that you have read and can apply the text material. Write the questions completely and then answer them.
Creative Thinking Rubric
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