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Following a report from a cross-party group of UK MPs on the possibility of cannabis being legalized in the UK within the next five to ten years (source: BBC news website, 29 July 2019), the issue of young people’s identities around the use of recreational drugs is becoming more prominent in debate and reflection, both by the lay public (i.e. not experts) and by the media.
Briefly describe the approach a phenomenological researcher might take when researching this topic and state a suitable research question for a phenomenological inquiry into the topic. In order to answer this, describe some key aspects of the methodology they would need to research this topic (for example, the data source, the method of capturing this data and the analysis they would need to use to satisfy the research question you have stated). 500 words
A discursive researcher has designed a project to research this topic using ten focus groups of five participants in each group. The researcher will be looking at the interpretative repertoires, subject positions and ideological dilemmas interpreted from the focus group data. State a suitable research question for this researcher to base their focus group questions on, and briefly discuss the strengths and limitations of using the discursive approach to research this topic. 500 words
Word limit: 1000 words in total (excluding the title and any references). After Part 1, write the total word count for both parts.
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