Proposal (outline) of communication plan.

Description of assignment 1 – Proposal (outline) of communication plan.
Deadline January 28.
We are long-term care facility (nursing home).
Need to develop COVID-19 outbreak in facility and vaccination communication plan.
In doing so, identify a communication need (i.e., a challenge, gap, or problem)
that could be addressed.
How to Proceed
• Week #2 introduces a number of different models for communication planning, some
from a public health perspective and some from a corporate public relations
perspective (slides for weeks 1-3 will be provided).
• Apply whatever models, principles, and strategies that you think are most appropriate
for the topic you are tackling. Through comments and citations, show us that you are
applying course concepts to practice.
Assignment #1: Proposal
Provide a high-level outline of your communication plan.
• Organization name and description (e.g., specialty, patient population served)
• Background, including an environmental assessment/situation analysis (e.g., SWOT
analysis) – internal and external (i.e., information from within the organization and
outside of the organization) that supports your rationale for conducting the plan; it
justifies the communication need
– If you do not have access to internal information, that is fine
– External information may include reports, journal articles, etc.
• The issue/challenge being addressed and purpose of the plan
• Why the plan is relevant; how it will impact organizational goals (e.g., mission, vision)
• Title page
• 3-4 pages (double-spaced); not including title page or the list of references
• 12-point font
• Structure (e.g., headings), in-text citations, and references list in APA format/style (6th
• 5-10 references are expected
Files with slides will be sent.
Resources to use: – SWOT Analysis example
Assignment 2 and 3 will follow after assignment 1 is submitted and approved.
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