Project Work Breakdown Structure

Project Title
Authors:               Authors
Date:                    Date
Version:                Version (start with 0.1, increment after each release)
Circulation:          Internal, Project Partners, Public

Context and Goals

Describe the project context and the project broader goals

Statement of Work/Goals

If not already explained in the previous section, describe how we are going to contribute (what we do) and the specific goals we intend to achieve.
Make the goals SMART and MoSCoW

Technical Solution Overview

Overview of the technical solution (architecture, components, technologies, etc)

Similar Solutions

If we are not the first, there might be other solutions; they will certainly under-perform w.r.t. ours, but it is nevertheless nice to state why.
This section is also the basis for a make-or-buy assessment.

Project Work Breakdown Structure

The project is organized in the following work packages.

  • WP 0 Project Management. The work package includes all activities related to managing the project.
  • WP N Communication Campaign & Output Dissemination. Many projects (but not all projects) require a communication and dissemination campaign.

The following Gantt chart illustrates the structure of the project and the timing of the activities:
TODO: use the tool you prefer, including Excel or table. Choices include iTaskX (on Mac), LibreProject, …
List of deliverables (together with their level of dissemination):

No Date Visibility Title

List of milestones:

No Date Description


Viability and Constraints

TODO: what we need to move on with the project (or to take home some activities); what we cannot do.

Risks and Mitigation Plans

One nice practice includes: risk name, impact, probability, action (mitigate, avoid, accept), together with a description on what to do to implement the action

Risk P I Score Action Description


Budget Proposal

TODO: here the format is freer.
Keep in mind the following cost items: personnel, travel, hardware, software, consumables.

Partners’ Description & Team

In many proposal you are required to provide a company profile and specify the team which will work on the project.
Use TBH (To Be Hired) for people who have not yet been identified.

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