EDU5RME Assignment 3:
Please note all sections are considered important and will be considered in the final assessment.
Background and rationale (approx. 150-200 words)
– Identify your research topic and explain the research problem needing to be addressed and why it is important
Aim, objectives and research questions (approx. 150-200 words)
– Identify your research aims, objectives and research question
Literature review (approx. 300-400 words)
– Summarize the main findings from your literature review and how your proposed study is designed to contribute to that literature (e.g. the ‘gap’ in the literature it contributes to)
Research design (approx. 1000 words)
– Outline the methods proposed to investigate the research question(s) with reference to the methodology literature. Consider the following:
– Your methodological framing (e.g. qualitative/quantitative/mixed methods; and if your research aligns with a particular paradigm (e.g. positivist, interpretive, constructionist, critical) [See Weeks 2 and 6 Module and Readings]
– Your chosen method (e.g. case study/survey method etc.) and why that is appropriate for answering your research question and more appropriate than other research design options [See Week 8 Module and Readings]
– Your proposed data collection techniques – e.g. how will you collect your data (e.g. interviews/observations/questionnaires) [See Week 9 Module and Readings]
– Your proposed sampling techniques – e.g. who/what your participants/data will be and how you will select these? [See Week 7 Module and Readings]
– Ethics – What ethical considerations you need to be aware of? [See Week 7 Module and Readings]
– Validity and reliability – What do you need to consider in relation to issues of validity and reliability and how you will ensure your study is valid and reliable? [See Week 7 Module and Readings]
– Data analyses – E.g. how you would analyse your data? [See Week 10 Module and Readings]
– Research limitations – What are the limitations of your chosen method/techniques? [See Weeks 8-9 Module and Readings]
– Significance – How will your design enable your research to offer new knowledge?
Reference list (200-300 words approx.)
– Conforming to APA 6 standards
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