Project Part 1: Develop an IT Strategic Plan

To complete the project, you as a group must select an organization (private/public) within the UAE in order to develop an IT Strategic Plan for them.
Please note that you might face three different scenarios:
The organization already has an IT Strategic Plan and will share it with you.
The organization already has an IT Strategic Plan, but they are not willing to share it with you.
The organization does not have an IT Strategic Plan.
In the first scenario, you can look at their IT Strategic Plan, assess it, and amend it as per the project requirements. In the last two scenarios, you need to write a new one from scratch.
Note: In case you could not find an organization for your project, your instructor might share with you a case study to start with.
Detailed Instructions
Select an organization, establish contact with them, take an appointment and prepare Interview questions that enables you to start working on the IT strategy.
Interview questions should be about the current IT situation and about the organization’s main business objectives/imperatives such as (revenue growth, cost reduction, or business enablement).
Based on the interview answers and collected information, assess the current IT situation, align the business objectives with the current IT situation and conduct a gap analysis (why change? what is missing?)
Step 3
Based on the previous steps, decide on a road map — suggest the new IT initiatives that are linked to the business objectives and the IT gaps identified in step 1 and step 2. Suggest how these can be implemented.

Project Part 2: Adopting an Industry Framework
Based on the SWOT analysis and situation assessment that was conducted during Part 1, and on the road to better IT governance within the selected organization, your group needs to recommend one of the industry frameworks that was discussed in class to be adopted by the company.
For example, if IT Security was a concern, then the group can recommend implementing ISO27001. If the problem is related to low quality IT service management, then ITIL should be recommended, while if the organization has a well-established application development unit then choose CMMI, etc.
The following points should be included in your report:
Why the company needs the selected framework (strong justification)
Overview of the selected framework: Objectives and impact of implementing the framework within the organization.
Framework implementation requirements including phases (for example selected Time, resources and cost of framework implementation (list any known company in the UAE that act as a third party consultant to help organizations in this process).
Part 1: Suggested Outline for the IT Strategic Plan
Section 1: Introduction and Company Background
What does this document contain?
Company background – company name, services or products provided, size, location, customers, Business vision, mission and Business objectives (three main ones).
Section 2: IT Situation Assessment- (Where Are We?)
IT Organization Profile (at least 4 from the following list)
IT service management Approach
IT and Business Alignment Issues
IT Leadership profile
Key IT Projects and their selection criteria
Current IT Governance Status
Section 3: Major IT & Business Gap Analysis (Why Change)
Description of at least three main Gaps based on the analysis conducted in Section 2. For each Gap, you need to justify: Why is it a GAP? (highlight the impact on the Business Objectives identified in Section 1)
Section 4: Strategies and Actions (What Could We Do? What Should We Do? How Do We Get There?
Discussion of the possible alternative and the selected solution for each identified gap (3 solutions)
Implementation/recommendation for each identified solution.
2 KPIs per selected solution.
Part 2: Suggested Outline for the Industry Framework
Section 1: Framework Selection
What are the possible frameworks?
Which framework did you choose for the company? Why?
Similar companies that implemented the same framework (success stories)
Section 2: Framework Overview
Framework presentation, Framework Scope
Framework objectives
Section 3: Framework Implementation
Plan for Framework implementation
Give details of Processes which will be implemented. Give rational and schedule of each implementation.
Specify Cost, Time, Owner.
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