project management

Question 21
Is IT a profession? Explain your answer
Question 22
Describe what is meant by shared understanding in terms of collaboration in a team/group
environment. Also provide 3 techniques that can be used to aid the development of this understanding.
Question 23
What is quality?
Question 24
Why is quality assurance so important for ICT?
Question 25
When and why would privacy be limited?
Question 26
Explain what is the purpose of codes (ethics/conduct) within a profession
Question 27
Explain what a standard patent is, what it protects, its length of protection, and give one example.
Question 28
For scheduling large ICT/Software projects an ‘average’ capability is used for various resources. Explain
Question 29
What is the total amount of slack on the path A,B,E,H,I
Question 30
With resource leveling, explain what can happen if you have an unequal distribution of work amongst
team members?
Question 31
There are various process groups in project management. Explain each one, and identify the one that is
the most difficult for a project manager and why?
Question 32
Many problems can arise in an Information System Project. To resolve these problems corrective actions
can be taken. Explain two corrective actions a project manager can do to overcome quality and schedule
problems. Give reasoning for your choices.
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