Professional Issues & Practice-Assignment help

Coursework Assessment Brief

Assessment Details


Module Title: Professional Issues & Practice
Assessment Title: Individual Report
Assessment Number: AE1
Assessment Type: Report
Restrictions on Time/Word Count: 2000 Words
Consequence of not meeting time/word count limit: It is essential that assignments keep within the time/word count limit stated above. Any work beyond the maximum time/word length permitted will be disregarded and not accounted for in the final grade.
Individual/Group: Individual
Assessment Weighting: 60%

Assessment Task

Produce a management report on one of the following scenarios that should not normally be longer than about 2000 words, excluding appendices.  It is important that it is appropriately referenced.  It should be written as a report to the management team giving well-researched recommendation and/or action plan.
An organisation that you have or are currently employed by, could be used as a basis for these scenarios, instead of those described, subject to prior discussion and agreement with the Unit Leader.
Scenario :
Your organisation specialises in the development of digital design solutions and is based on the outskirts of Southampton.  As the newly appointed Digital Design Manager, you have been conducting discussions with senior staff at your organisation and as a result have become concerned that sections of the company are apparently not aware of, or adhering to copyright legislation or standards of professional practice.  There is particular concern around the use of digital artefacts.The organisation is currently undergoing rapid expansion from a regional to a national provider of digital design solutions.  As a result, the organisatoin workforce now also consists of a number of remote working staff.
You, as Digital Design Manager, have been asked to prepare a report for upper management, indicating in order of importance the relevant copyright legislation, codes of practice and social responsibility (in your opinion, with justification), with a clearly defined business case for acting on your proposals.  Produce an action plan, with justification, that the company should undertake immediately. Include recent and proposed legislation and related guidance on professional practice.
State any assumptions you make about the company. Illustrate your arguments with recent examples.
Guidance for the report
The report should normally be no longer than 2000 words, excluding appendices.  These appendices should, at the very least, contain a references section, all of which should be cited within the report.  You may also need to include glossary of technical terms and any source material not readily available in the library.  These appendices must not contain your argument or conclusions, which should be in the main body of the text.  Note that it is probably not possible to incorporate all that you could within the word-limit.  You must therefore be judicious in your planning and précis your argument.
The report should be word-processed using 1½ spacing and 12pt font, except for indented quotations where single spacing and 10pt may be used.  Margins should be not less than 15mm. Pages should be numbered consecutively through the main text.
References Section
The references section should be in Harvard format. The main text should contain correctly formatted citations.  A recommendation is made that a suitable References Section should contain between 10 and 20 sources. All cited references should be in the Reference section, and all references in the Reference Section should be cited.  Footnotes and Superscripts should not be used.
A reminder is made to the definition of plagiarism used by the University: “Where a student incorporates another person’s or body’s work by unacknowledged quotation, paraphrase, imitation or other device in any work submitted for assessment in a way which suggests that it is the student’s original work”.  Plagiarism is a serious offence and incurs severe penalties.  Unauthorised or unattributed copying of work from either the internet or other sources will be investigated.

Assessment criteria

(S, F3 – F1)
(D3 – D1)
Good Pass
(C3 – C1)
(B3 – B1)
(A4 – A1)
Theoretical Basis
Lack of evidence of sufficient reading.  Poor use of academic materials. Evidence of appropriate background research used to support arguments presented. Background research clearly supports aspects of the arguments presented. Clear indication of the synthesis of information of ideas to support significant aspects of the arguments presented. Comprehensive analysis of perspectives drawn from source materials demonstrating creativity in synthesis of solution.
Academic Argument
Inadequately structured argument or lacks clear conclusion. Clearly structured argument leading   to coherent conclusion.
Structured argument addresses relevant issues from the scenario leading to coherent conclusion. Convincing argument leading to coherent conclusion addressing all relevant issues. Clear evidence of ability to convince audience of the validity of non-intuitive conclusions.
Consideration of appropriate legislative or regulatory issues with examples
Limited or non-relevant examples used. Lack of consideration of legislative or regulatory issues. Relevant examples used. Adequate consideration of legislative or regulatory issues. The examples used clearly relate both to the scenario and to the appropriate legislative or regulatory issues. Well-chosen examples used to inform the argument appropriately informed by a range of legal or regulatory issues. Argument is fully supported throughout by succinct and well-chosen examples and fully informed by legislative or regulatory issues.

Learning Outcomes

This assessment will enable students to demonstrate in full or in part the learning outcomes identified in the Module descriptors.
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