Professional Development 300578

Summer A 2021
Professional Development 300578
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Module 1 Specification Document
Ethics and Professional Code of Conduct
• You must answer all questions. There are 9 questions.
• Final Submission: Questions 1 to 9 Due 11:59pm 20/12/2020
• The final submission link for Module 1 will not be available until the Academic Reference Quiz is
completed. If you do not complete this quiz you will not be able to submit your final submission for
module 1.
• The presentation of your document is to be of a professional nature. This means formatting and
styling is present, questions numbers only and their answers are clearly present. If an answer is not
clearly labelled with the question number it corresponds to, zero (0) marks will be given for that
• This assessment involves academic writing. This means all work must be in your own words, and any
ideas or knowledge you have used must be properly referenced using the APA style of referencing. A
reference list is to be included at the end of the document listing only those references cited within
your text – it is highly recommended to use a referencing tool. Failure to reference correctly will
result in a significant loss of marks. For more information please refer to Lecture 1: Intro and 2: How
to Succeed in this Unit.
• All chapters referenced relate to the text Ethics in: An Australian Perspective
• Although all questions must be attempted, only 3 will be assessed. The 3 questions marked will not
be identified until marks are released.
Academic writing entails demonstrating your comprehension and understanding. For this assessment, the
knowledge area is Module 1: Ethics and Professional Code of Conduct.
Although some questions may appear to require an opinion-oriented answer, you are to take the persona of
a professional and answer accordingly. Every question needs citation.
Marking Rubric:
Marking Rubric Table is on next page.
Summer A 2021
Professional Development 300578
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Criteria High Distinction Distinction Credit Pass Unsatisfactory
Research, The answer to The answer to The answer to The answer The answer is
comprehension and the question is the question is the question is shows some poor from a
relevance to outstanding and good, covers all acceptable, engagement content point of
question covers all aspects of
aspects of the
question and
covers all aspects of
with the prescribed
readings but
view and show a
lack of
question. It shows question and does not cover engagement
shows extensive comprehension shows basic all aspects of with the
research and a of the topic. comprehension. the question prescribed
very good Research is Some research or has readings or
comprehension shown and the has been shown, parts that are a lack of
of the topic as answer is however the not relevant to research OR the
well as relevant to answer could be the question OR answer shows a
application and
relevance of the
topic to
industry. improved with more
the answer
does not show
lack of
comprehension of
the topic
industry real of the topic OR area OR
world scenarios. there is a
lack of research
the answer fails to
address the
shown. topic in the
question adequately
or is
Readability and The answer reads The answer has The answer
presentation well and has correct
spelling and
spelling or
grammatical errors
contains an
unacceptable level
grammar AND the OR the answer text of spelling or
format of the is not structured grammatical errors
answer document is well (does not read OR the answer
of a formal standard well) OR the format shows a lack of
(incl. answers of the answer organisation or
clearly document is not of clarity in the
presented and a formal standard written expression
numbered, as required in the OR the format of
appropriate use of assessment the answer is of an
headers, correct specification OR unacceptable and
font/font size/line insufficiently unprofessional
spacing as required
in the assessment
paraphrased. standard OR has
substantial sections
specification). not written in
students own words
– poorly
Referencing Correct referencing
(incl. paraphrasing,
(Marks will be
deducted) The
(Marks will be
deducted) The
in-text references answer contains answer is poorly
and reference list). some referencing
mistakes in the
in-text references
referenced or not
referenced at all.
and/or the reference
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