Process automation using industry 4.0 tools

Business IT – Assignment (100 marks)
Title: Process automation using industry 4.0 tools
24th February 2021 – Version 1.0
Identify an organisation, in any industrial sector – production or service industry, and analyse the
business process management. The assignment will consist of optimising the organisation’s
processes using the latest technologies available in industry 4.0 (BPMN 2.0, RPA, CRM, Enterprise
Architecture, Cloud, IoT, Big Data, FinTech, etc.) and recommending an enterprise architecture.
Assignment Report Structure
1. Introduction [15 marks]
 You will have to start with a brief introduction of the company, any
risks/assumptions involved, what is the vision statement of the company. [5
 Problem Statement [10 marks]
i. What are the problems related to processes in the organisation?
ii. Identify 5 as-is processes which are critical for the organisation to be
iii. The as-is processes can be drawn using any tool
2. Research [10 marks]
 Do some research works which tools (some are mentioned below) can be used
 You can use some of the following tools and frameworks:
i. Use of robotic process automation or other systems to
simplify/automate processes
ii. Use of industrial 4.0 in automating the processes (e.g.: IoT, Cloud
Computing, Big Data, FinTech, Block Chain, ERP, etc.)
3. Process recommendation [35 marks]
 Re-engineer (if required) and design the TO-BE processes. You are required to use
any process modelling tools (Some examples: Bizagi modeller or Camunda
modeller). Use landscape format for all the processes.
 Each model should be accompanied by a full and detailed commentary which
explains what you have drawn, highlighting any features that you were not able
to represent precisely on the diagram. For example, for each of the tasks, whatProcess automation using industry 4.0 tools
are some detailed activities involved; for each of the gateways, what decision it is
responsible for. You should use a table to summarise activities and gateways for
each model (main and sub-process models).
 Your processes must be reusable and readable:
i. Multi-layered processes – use of sub-processes
ii. Use comments
iii. Use proper naming conventions (in activities, events and gateways)
4. Enterprise architecture recommendation [15 marks]
5. Conclusion [10 marks]
 Impact of business process management and/or re-engineering in the
 What will be the return on investment?
 Roadmap of the processes
6. Report presentation, formatting and Turnitin similarity index [15 marks]3
Some points to consider when designing the BPMN processes:
1. You must change the type of your activities (e.g. Service Task, User Task, etc…)
2. All activities, events and gateways must be labelled
3. Labeling must always start with a capital letter
4. Activity labeling must always start with a verb
5. Event labeling must always end with a verb (in the past tense)
6. Use short labeling in the events/activities/etc
7. Use Call activity OR Sub process to make your processes become more reusable and readable
8. Understand the meaning of collaborative and swim lane diagrams before using them
9. You must ask a question on each gateway
10. Add error handling (error boundary event) when using service task to call AP
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