POSITIVE LEARNING PLAN This paper refers back to the previous topic on the student that was “observed”. Please use the previous paper attached to reference highlighted area. Student has ADHD, but is really smart he is in the 2nd grade. Teacher uses breathe and count method with student. Student also has an Aide. This is the student that will be “observed”!READ THE GUIDELINES BELOW Create a positive learning plan for the child from Topic 4. Include:Clear, measurable learning goalsRelevant materials and resources including a technology tool for the child and/or teacherTime needed to implement learning planWhen achievement of learning goals will be re-evaluatedTime needed to transition off learning planMethods for communicating the plan with the family, resource teacher, administratorsConsiderations that need to be made for other childrenImplement the positive learning plan. Write a 250-500 word reflection based on the feedback you received from your classroom teacher and personal observations about the experience. Include strengths and opportunities for growth with specific examples.
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