Plan and direct complex ICT projects

Plan and direct complex ICT projects
Knowledge Assessment (Written Tasks)

  1. What are the basic elements of a change control process?


  1. Review this example and comment on what you think the problems were.

We had just completed the coding and testing in our team when the project manager was taken away to start up another project. I was asked to take over the project, and my manager explained that this was a straightforward task – merely an integration activity. The other two teams had nearly finished and I was available. I didn’t worry about the responsibility because I had been the integration manager of my previous project, and that had gone smoothly.
It took me a couple of weeks to get used to the reporting system and so on. The previous project manager gave me some help but he was getting increasingly busy with his new project. Finally I was in a position to understand what the other two teams were doing. My first impression was not very encouraging.
Total system integration was due to start but all the objects that were being built by the test team kept displaying errors. By then I was really worried. The previous project manager had left, so I decided to start the overall system integration using a small team of the strongest team members we had at the time. I hoped that we would be able to sort out the last few errors during the integration.
When we first put the whole system together I was appalled. I knew it was going to be bad but I hadn’t realized it would be that bad. The system failed every test case we had for the integration. Most of the problems were occurring in the parts built by the team members who had already left. The team got frustrated because of all the extra time they had to spend investigating these problems and resolving them.
We tried to get some of the team members who had left the project to come back and help us, but this was almost impossible. Many of the problems we encountered needed days to resolve. We finally decided to cut our losses and rewrite the worst parts of the software. By then we were running more than two months behind, and rewriting those parts cost us a few weeks more. The system was delivered to the users over three months late.
It was a bad time for all of us, made worse by the realization that these problems could have been avoided if integration had been properly planned at an early stage. And at the time I felt very isolated – it felt as though nobody was listening to us.
(Craig and Jassim, 1995, pp. 155–6)


  1. What is a Deliverable?


  1. The process of determining, documenting and managing stakeholder needs and requirements to meet project objectives is known as

(a) Plan Scope Management
(b) Collect Requirements
(c) Control Scope
(d) Validate Scope

  1. What is a project baseline and what does it include?


  1. What is cost variance?


  1. During a work breakdown structure meeting you have decomposed the deliverable into work packages and created your WBS dictionary. However, you now want to decompose the work packages to assist you in estimating, executing and control the project. These decomposed work packages are called?

(a) Milestones
(b) Work Packages can’t be decomposed into smaller units
(c) Activities
(d) Control Accounts

  1. Why do we use WBS for Project Management?


  1. Determining budget can be best described by which of the following?

(a) The process of developing the future trends along with the assessment of probabilities, uncertainties, and inflation that could occur during the project
(b) The process of accumulating costs of individual activities to establish a cost baseline.
(c) The process of establishing budgets, standards, and a monitoring system by which the investment cost of the project can be measured and managed
(d) The process of gathering, accumulating, analyzing, reporting, and managing the costs on an on-going basis

  1. What would be included in a staff management plan?


  1. You are the project manager of a project whose team has interacted with a number of stakeholders. You feel that in order to have a very objective project performance appraisal, you would like to obtain feedback for the project team members from all the people they have worked with, including superiors, peers and subordinates. Project performance appraisals are carried out during which of the following processes?

(a) Close Project or Phase
(b) Manage Project Team
(c) Acquire Project Team
(d) Develop Project Team

  1. What is the term used for processes that are required to ensure timely and appropriate planning, collection, creation, distribution, storage, retrieval, management , control monitoring, and the ultimate disposition of project information?

(a) Project Communications Management
(b)Project Scope Management
(c) Project Procurement Management
(d) Project Integration Management

  1. What does Risk identification entail?


  1. In your new project, you have a critical deliverable to be provided within a short duration of 5 months. Because of the short duration, you do not have the luxury of going through Solicitation Planning and selecting the “best” supplier. So, you decide to do sign a contract with a supplier with whom your company has done some work in the past. The risk you are accepting in this situation is:

(a) Ability of supplier to deliver the goods
(b) Collusion between the supplier and your team
(c) Lack of proper scope definition
(d) Lack of a legally binding agreement

  1. External Stakeholders are external to the organization. Give 3 examples of external stakeholders.



  1. What is a project charter?


  1. List and outline the Project Change Management Process Steps.


  1. Which of the following document describes the necessary information from a business standpoint to determine whether or not the project is worth the required investment and usually contain cost-benefit analysis?

(a) Contract or Agreement
(b) Business case
(c) Project statement of work
(d) Project charter

  1. Resources are those things which are needed to accomplish the project goals. Resources may include, but are not limited to (State 3):


  1. What is a Gantt chart and how will it help you whilst undertaking project work?


  1. What should be done at the completion of a project?


  1. What are the inputs and outputs to a work breakdown structure (WBS)?


  1. Outline 3 good practices and 3 bad practices in determining a project budget.


  1. How would you go about providing feedback to the project team?


  1. Which of the following should NOT be included in a project status report?

(a) Project name.
(b) Project changes.
(c) Project manager name.
(d) Complete budget.

  1. Suppose you are in charge of a project and you notice that one of your team members is assigned to do a disproportionately large amount of the work. What would you do?

(a) Talk to the team member to see whether (s)he needs help.
(b) Plan to reassign some of the team member’s tasks.
(c) Take on some of the tasks yourself.
(d) None of the above.

  1. Describe how to use milestone tracking as a means of measuring project progress.


  1. Resources are those things which are needed to accomplish the project goals. Resources may include, but are not limited to (State 3):

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