philosophy paper

“Develop, apply, and analyze your own unique pedagogical style.
Summarize the educational philosophy of the three philosophers: Maxine Greene, Nell Noddings, and bell hooks. For each philosopher, include the terms:
Bell hooks
– Enagage pedagogy
o Multicultural settings
– Teach to transgress
– Use everything from freire column
– Feminism
Nell noddings
– Caring pedagogy
o Engrossment, moderational displacement, reciprocity.
– Moral (ethical student) not religious education
– Teacher must be a role model
Maxine greene
– Teacher as a stranger
– She uses freire
– Noddings point 2 and three
Explain how you would apply their philosophy to your classroom (any subject/ any grade). Make sure to use 1 quote per philosopher to make your argument. These quotes should come from the readings attached for this course. Finally, provide 2 limitations of their philosophy when applied to the same classroom.
Your essay must contain the following distinct sections
1. Summarize the 3 philosophers educational views that made the most impact on you. Make sure you provide a rationale why.
2. Write an informal lesson plan explaining how you would apply these same views to the classroom (for ex: Ann Sharp’s Community of Inquiry. How would you incorporate a CI in your classroom). Choose any grade level/ any subject (for ex: 6th grade solar system)
3. What might be 2 limitations/disadvantages of your unique pedagogical style.
Other instructions
1. APA or MLA Format, Times Roman, Font 12, double spaced, 4-6 pages of text, work cited page and cover page separate.
2. A minimum of 3 references listed on the work cited page. These references should be peer reviewed articles or primary/secondary sources.
3. NO Wikipedia”
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