From the list provided you can only choose one question per section (eg, you cannot choose two questions from section 1).
You will write at least 3 paragraphs for each question you choose.
1700 Words in total.
In writing your answers, you should keep in mind that you are talking to a fellow student who is not taking our class. So, you will need to give context, explain ideas, and even source/cite material. Like as if you were writing a really good (academic) blog post.
You will use all the relevant material from our first unit/module. This means, at times, you will be using multiple sources in your answers. I don’t demand actual citations, but referencing lectures, texts (textbook material and the dialogues), and anything else we have covered will be crucial.
YOU CANNOT USE OUTSIDE SOURCES! Only material from our textbook (Doing Philosophy: An Introduction Through Thought Experiments 5th/6th Ed., (DOPH). Schick, T and Lewis Vaughn eds. McGraw Hill Press, (2012/2019)) and documents are allowed.
General Advice: Write as if you are speaking to another student who is not enrolled in
our class. They have interest but do not have the context or the background necessary to
understand your answer. So, you should ELABORATE, GIVE EXAMPLES, PUT
THINGS IN CONTEXT, and/or everything else that may help you explain your answer
to your buddy.
The Checklist:
Remember to ask yourself all the important checklist type questions:
Did I answer every part of the question?
Did I fully explain any concepts, ideas, thought experiments, arguments, etc… necessary for a layperson to understand your answer to the question?
Did I base my answers on what I learned from class (the lectures, the textbook, our discussions, related coursework, etc…)?
Did I provide reasons for my own claims (backed up my claims with evidence, logic, or sensible assumptions (depends on the context*)?
Did I avoid using sources from outside the class material?
As a shorthand (rough guide), did I write 2 paragraphs (6 to 10 sentences each) or more?
Did I use examples to illustrate points or concepts?
For awesome answers: Did I cite the textbook or primary readings? Did I draw connections between the course subject matter and my life/literature/culture/society/etc…? Did I write a minimum of 3-4 long/detailed paragraphs or more?
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