Persuasive Speech Guidelines

You are to prepare a 6-7 minute speech about one policy (course of action) of your choice. This is now your opportunity to pick something that you are passionate about and to advocate for change. Do NOT think that having an active bias is the same thing as providing false information; you have an opinion that you are advocating for but your sources, logic, and reasoning must be accurate and credible. This speech DOES require outside research, in which you must provide a reference list at the end of your outline, AND you must cite sources orally during your speech. You must provide a minimum of 5 complete oral citations during your speech for full credit. You will be allowed 3 3X5 note cards. This again is an extemporaneous style speech, meaning that you should be practiced and prepared, but you will NOT be reading a manuscript of your speech word for word. Your outline will be a guideline for what you will talk about. The best speeches will tightly follow the structure of the outline, will be practiced and rehearsed, and hit every point on the rubric with excruciating efficiency. Your job as a speaker is to prepare an outline that includes credible research, write a helpful notecard, rehearse your speech, and follow the rubric. Your speech should be researched, coherent, easy to follow, and entertaining. Pick a topic that you enjoy and one that you will be excited to tell us about! Your passion and enthusiasm will keep your audience engaged.
Tips for earning full credit on your outline:
• The outline MUST be typed, in full sentences, and turned in at the beginning of class.
• The outline should strictly follow the formatting of the outline available online.
• Write like you speak- envision yourself saying these words to the class; be explicit, be clear, and assume that your audience has NO prior knowledge of what you’re talking about.
• Make sure that your outline includes your oral citations, written like you would speak, throughout your main points. Include an APA formatted reference list on the last page of your outline (a free APA guide is available online).
Steps for crafting the best possible speech:
1) Select a topic that you are passionate about and excited to advocate for; make research enjoyable.
2) Do preliminary research to ensure that there is enough credible source material related to your topic.
3) Answer the topic checklist questions that are available online; make sure that you can answer “yes” to all questions.
4) Download and print both the “outline-guidance” and “outline-blank” documents online
5) Start with the body of the speech, making sure to input your research into your three main points
6) Work through the intro and conclusion
7) PROOFREAD your outline to ensure that it has correct spelling and grammar
8) Turn in your outline to class as soon as class begins
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