Part one (The rising risk of cyber threats to Australian SMEs)

-In this section, we briefly describe the small-medium enterprise in Australia & their contribution to the Australian economy
-The rising risk of cyber threat in the world
-Why SMEs are more vulnerable to cyber threats.
Part two(Fintech industry in Australia & their digital practices)
-Define the Fintech industry & its contribution to the Australian economy.
Review the digital processes and practices.
Part three(Vulnerabilities in their digital practices)
-Describe the various vulnerabilities in their digital practices and how they are open to cyber risks.
-Chosen digital process and existing/potential cyber risks.
-choose one digital practice that is most vulnerable and describe in detail all the risks and threats.
Part four(Future strategies & recommendation)
-Provide possible solutions and strategies to avoid cyberattacks in the fintech industry.
-Summaries the threats and vulnerabilities in the fintech industry and how implementing the provided strategies can help in the future.
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