Paper One

Paper One
Guidelines: Write an essay which addresses one of the following topics. Your essay should be 4 full pages, double-spaced, in Times New Roman 12-point font.
Make sure to quote relevant passages in your essay. More specifically, make sure to focus on a few small passages or key moments so that you can analyze the author’s language closely. You will be rewarded for effective close reading of select moments of the texts you choose to write about.
Some poets have explored massive amounts of time, others have focused on a sense of time unfolding in a single moment, and some have thought about the nature of time within the lifespan of a person. In your paper, I would like for you to select two poems (by two different poets), and write a paper which compares how they talk about the passage of time, and which also explores how they use particular stylistic or formal devices in their poem to emphasize their ideas about time. Thus, your paper should not just be a description of what the poems are “about,” but an exploration of how the style of the poem helps the poets to convey their feelings about the passage of time.

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