Over the past three years Marino Enterprises has grown considerably and have expanded their community involvement to include several employment programs for disadvantaged groups. Working closely with a local employment provider, Marino employ several people with disabilities, mature-age people and Indigenous Australians.


Assessment Task 1: Research project


  • Read the background information below and complete the activities.
Over the past three years Marino Enterprises has grown considerably and have expanded their community involvement to include several employment programs for disadvantaged groups. Working closely with a local employment provider, Marino employ several people with disabilities, mature-age people and Indigenous Australians.
Marino has also engaged two local schools with which they employ and train a small group of school-based trainees across all facets of their business.
Marino Enterprises also employ a large group of people from the LGBTIQ community, immigrants and international travelling backpackers. This has not been a deliberate policy or program of the company but rather a word of mouth as an employer of choice in the community.
With such a diverse and transient workplace, Marino Enterprises feel that their Diversity Policy isn’t matching the work that they do now. There have also been a couple of situations that have not been handled or managed well.
  1. Analyse and review Marino Enterprises Diversity policy and provide feedback in a report to management. The policy is in the Marino Enterprises Handbook.

Along with explaining the importance and purpose of having a robust diversity policy you are required to make recommendations for improvement so the policy extends to meet the changing workplace environment and culture and is current in relation to the legislation framework.
Your report should be clear and concise and be written in a language suitable for the audience. You should also follow the Marino Enterprises Style Guide when laying out, formatting and saving your report.
Note: use your research skills to review other diversity policies that are available through your business networks or the Internet.
Current legislation can be found at the Fair Work Ombudsman website (www.fairwork.gov.au) and the Human rights Commission (https://www.humanrights.gov.au/employers/good-practice-good-business-factsheets/quick-guide-australian-discrimination-laws

  1. Work with at least one other class member to discuss your feedback and recommendations before you submit your report. Your assessor will arrange a time for this group meeting to occur.

During the group meeting you are required to share your feedback and recommendations and consider the views and feedback from your class member/s.
Your assessor will observe and assess you on the way that you communicate, collaborate and interact, and how you demonstrate respect towards others in personal interactions.
At the conclusion of the meeting, make changes to your report and submit it to your assessor.
Feedback Report: 
1: Key features of the existing policy:
2: Current legislations:
Federal Laws:
Sate and territory laws:
3:  What is lacking in the existing policy.
4: Recommendations and feedback.
5: Conclusion:

Assessment Task 2: Case studiesError! Reference source not found.


  • Read the case studies below and answer all the questions. The answers must be word processed and submitted in a suitably formatted document.
Case study 1: Michael
Michael has worked for Marino Enterprises as their Accounts Officer in the Melbourne head office for the three years of their operation and worked for Luigi for 10 years before then. He has explained to Luigi and his manager that he will be commencing a gender transition and will be known as Michelle upon returning from a month of leave.
Michael’s manager works with HR to set up information sessions for staff to discuss the matter before Michelle returns from leave.
At the first meeting, some of the other staff are hostile, asking, ‘When there’s only one of her, it or whatever, and there’s nearly twenty of us, why is it us who have to be accepting? Why do we have to change?’ The manager and HR team work to educate the employees about transgender issues and discrimination, terminology and the acceptable use of names and pronouns.
Question response
What Victorian Act do transgender people in the workplace have legal protection under?
In support of Michael’s transition, Marino Enterprises have discussed developing a transition plan. What might this transition plan include?
As a manager what information would you need to know about in order to support Michael and to prevent discrimination? Make a list of at least three topics.
Marino Enterprises have not had this scenario arise to date and feel that they are not prepared or covered legally to manage the situation or matters that may arise. What actions could they take to rectify their preparedness?
As the manager, how could you respond to the hostile staff member and encourage respect?
If the hostile staff member was to continue making derogatory comments in front of Michelle, what is the first step in the Marino Enterprises’ Complaints procedure for her to follow?


Case study 2: Recruitment
Champions Sports Bar is owned and operated by Marino Enterprises and it has been subject to a discrimination complaint as a result of their recent recruitment campaign. They told the recruitment agency that they were looking for ‘young women with flair’ to fill the positions of bar staff. The recruitment company followed instructions and advertised the job as such and didn’t consider anyone other than females under 30.
Question response
Who is liable for discrimination?
Discuss the four discrimination matters related to recruitment that an employer must consider.
If a highly qualified male internal staff member had applied for this position and was told by his manager ‘bad luck mate, we’re employing girls’ on a number of occasions, what action can he take under the Complaints procedure?
If a 52-year-old female applied for the position, who was also more than qualified, and was told that she didn’t get the job because they were looking for young women, what federal Act has been breached?
If the 52-year-old female was told that she didn’t get the job because kegs of beer would be too heavy for her to lift and she hadn’t used their cash register system, would this still be considered discrimination? Explain your response.
During the interview process for this position, a young woman fits the description and is qualified and is asked if she has children. She lets the interviewer know that she has two, one of which she is still breastfeeding. Prior to disclosing this information, she was asked if she could start next week but the interviewer has gone cold and cuts the interview short. On what basis could the woman make a complaint?


Case study 3: Muhamad
Louise, a female staff member reports to her manager that Muhamad, a Muslim staff member, never shakes hands with female clients. Louise considers this to be rude and disrespectful to females and show a total lack of equality. She requests her manager to tell Muhamad that he must shake female client’s hands.
Question response
As Muhamad ‘s manager, how should you deal with this situation?
What are the legal requirements?
Three weeks have passed, and Muhamad comes to you to report that Louise has cornered him in the photocopy room and told him that he is rude for not shaking hands with female clients. Louise has told you that she cannot work with Muhamad as his behaviour makes her sick!
What can you do to manage the situation and encourage them to work together?
Outline what part of this situation you would document. Why is it important to be objective in documenting these situations?


Case study 4: Delores
A staff member, Delores, has approached you with a request not to have to deal with a customer because they feel that the customer is acting with racial hatred toward her.
Question response
Can Delores refuse to deal with a customer on these grounds?
What are the employer’s legal requirements?
As Delores ‘s manager, how should you deal with this issue?


Case study 5: Jackie
At lunch your colleague, Jackie, expresses a concern to you. She has recently disclosed information about her mental illness to your team leader, Kelly, who she has always gotten along well with. Kelly was shocked and said ‘well that explains everything, you should consider taking some leave’ Jackie feels as though Kelly has excluded her from general office conversations and work discussions since and has overheard Kelly telling other staff in the lunch room that ‘you’re crazy’ and ‘unstable’. Jackie doesn’t know what to do.
Question response
What should Jackie do?
What federal and Victorian legislation applies in this situation?
It is some months down the track and Jackie has not been able to resolve the conflict through informal channels. She has made a formal complaint against Kelly. In dot point, outline the formal process to be followed by the HR Manager under the Complaints procedure.


Case study 6: Will
Will is multi-lingual and very popular with customers of Ellia Hotel because of his language and customer skills but he has been homeless for six months and his manager at Marino Enterprises has just been given this information through another employee.
Will hasn’t missed one shift nor has he looked unclean or untidy. He has been caught taking food from the kitchen bins by the employee who has reported it. The manager has fired Will on the spot.
Question response
Has Will done anything wrong?
Can Will make a claim of unfair treatment or discrimination? Explain your response.
Make two suggestions of how Will’s situation could benefit Marino Enterprises


  • .
Case study 7: Reflection
Think about a time that you felt as though your own prejudices have impacted a personal interaction, either with someone that you have worked with or someone you have come across in your day-to-day life.


Question response
Outline the situation and describe how you would demonstrate respect, understanding and acceptance to that person in the same situation now.


Assessment Task 3: Promote diversityError! Reference source not found.


  • This assessment task requires you to identify a diversity related training need and present the topic to your class. The topic should be related to one of the topics presented in the case studies in Assessment Task 2.
Part AError! Reference source not found.
  1. Firstly, in a brief memo to your assessor, identify the training need to address the issue of difference and discuss at least three ways that a company could promote their diversity policy to staff. Submit your word-processed memo to your assessor.


Part BError! Reference source not found.
  1. Prepare and present the topic to your class. The purpose of the presentation is to:
  • Promote the benefits of diversity in the workplace, including how diversity could enhance products/services and contribute to a competitive advantage.
  • Educate staff on your diversity policy and the Marino Enterprises complaints procedure (this should be referenced rather than step-by-step introduction).
  • Educate staff on the issue of difference that you have chosen.

You will have 20 minutes for your presentation. You are required to use a presentation package and audio-visual equipment, but you have creative freedom to present the information in the most engaging and interesting way as long as it is appropriate. You may make the use of images, videos, role plays, facts and figures, tables, etc if you chose.
Your assessor will be looking to see that you:

  • Demonstrate respect for the differences you are presenting.

For example, this might include being an advocate during the discussion, being well informed on the topic and discussing the benefits of diversity and why this is important.

  • Encourage diversity and sell the benefits of working effectively in a diverse workplace such as Marino Enterprises.

For example, diversity gives the opportunity for people to learn skills and knowledge from people with different skills/knowledge to themselves; it gives a chance to learn about different cultures, religions, food, the way people live, a different language, history of a country or place, it may open job opportunities, workplaces may offer flexible working arrangements for everyone not just those that need it.

  • Help your class members acknowledge issues relating to workplace diversity.

For example, this might include asking questions of the audience to gauge their understanding and acceptance and responding with information that aligns with the legal framework, polices and the company’s commitment to diversity and giving staff the opportunity to view their opinions and views.

  • Identify diversity factors and give examples of diversity in the workplace.

This might involve being well informed of your topic and providing sound facts and figures and examples of diversity that are discussed in the case studies (or other case studies).
PowerPoint Presentation:  Please copy the slides here (please provide the information in minimum 8 slides two slides covering each criteria)
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