For your oral presentation, you will want to prepare about 8-10 minutes worth of material. You choose the topic, for which you will also do an Annotated Bibliography, and finally the Analysis of an Issue essay.
Since your classmates will not have read the articles that you have found, your first priority will be to give us a clear overview. Prepare a summary in your own words that you can present to us that covers the main conflicts of the situation, and the various people who are involved. Identify and explore the major issues that arise from the conflict.
Feel free to react and respond to the material as you discuss it: don’t shy away from giving your opinion, if it will help us get a better feel for the article. Remember, your peers are relying on you for a clear and engaging overview of the topic. Above all, make sure to be accurate. Make absolutely certain you understand the nuances of the context and the motives of the people involved, so you can present it in a coherent, economical manner.
Most likely, your research will address some sort of social dilemma. Once you’ve clarified the context, tell us who is involved, what they want, and so forth from there.
You need to incorporate visual aids to accompany your speech. I would recommend a Power Point, designed with something between 15 and 25 slides made up of images, brief statements of main points, different perspectives from different people involved, etc. Make sure you keep it engaging and informative.
Within reason, you will be expected to perform in a rehearsed fashion. I will take off points for “dead air time”: shuffling distractedly through notes, losing train of thought, lethargic or disinterested attitude, etc. You will be expected to look and behave in a professional manner. The main thing I will look for is that you vary the pace of your speaking so that you avoid sounding as though you are reading. On this note, in case you’re wondering: you need not dress any differently than you normally would for class.
You will also be expected to present your ideas in a clear and organized fashion. In fact, clarity of organization will be paramount, since your audience can neither turn back a page or two when things seem to be going astray (as readers can) nor ask you a question in the moment to clarify (as we do in face-to-face conversations). Again, you will not receive full credit for this aspect of the presentation without a professional standard of preparation and performance.
I will, on a separate sheet, pass out our schedule for these presentations, with names given in the order we will proceed. Needless to say, you cannot be absent for your assigned date (35 point penalty on this 100-point assignment).
Note: if we do not get to your presentation on your scheduled date, then be prepared to give it the next day that is devoted to oral presentations on our class calendar.

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