• 1 page only
  • Only 2 paragraphs are allowed.
    • The first paragraph should summarize the article. Identify the information sources used and include the title of the article (10 points)
    • The second paragraph should reflect your opinion of the article and should answer these questions (but not limited to): Is it a well-written article? What did you like/dislike about the article? Is this article sensationalized? What other research needs to be done? Is this journal or website a good source of information? Would you use this website again? Why did you pick this article? Do you know someone that has this problem or concern? Please make this paragraph as personal as possible. (15 points)
  • Critique must be typed.


Digestive Disorder such as ulcerative colitis, celiac disease, Crohn’s Disease, IBS, GERD, Cirrhosis, Lactose Intolerance, etc…..

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