Nursing dissertation on systematic literature review, NEEDLE STICK INJURY ARTICLE

-this assignment need to choose 10 articles to do systematic review
– the articles must not use the systematic review and meta analysis articles
focused literature review, involving comprehensive discussion and evaluation of the evidence related to a relevant topic. (Relevance = in relation to either health, complementary therapies or social care,
The literature selected MUST be primary research or reviews of primary research and should, where possible, be of a contemporary nature.
If any other literature is cited within the review (policy documents, position papers etc.) the student must demonstrate an understanding of the differences between this and primary research / reviews of primary research.
Convey an ability to critically evaluate the selected literature and the arguments presented therein. This requires the student to demonstrate an understanding of RESEARCH METHODS (i.e. when appraising the relevant research evidence). The student may wish to draw on an identified framework to guide the appraisal of the research literature. If this is the case, its use should be apparent within the work and correctly referenced in the reference list.
 Demonstrate an ability to select the salient points from the literature reviewed and present these in a balanced and coherent manner and in an academic style commensurate with degree level studies. This includes:
A consideration of the contribution (advantages / disadvantages) different sources of knowledge / types of evidence may make to exploring the topic under review.
Commenting on the strengths / limitations of the evidence reviewed Presenting an overview of the ‘trends’ emerging from the research literature. Demonstrate synthesis / innovative thinking wherever appropriate
– include abstract, chapter 1-5, post script
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