NMD4001: New Media Project I

NMD4001: New Media Project I
B. Research Paper
Fall, 2020/2021
Dear Students,
(Yönerge sadece İngilizce olarak sunulmaktadır ama blog post’larınız Türkçe olabilir.)
This is a guideline on how to prepare your research paper for NMD4001: New Media Project I.
You are expected to complete your research paper in three stages:
I. First Meeting 16.10.2020
II. Subject Proposal 1
(200-300 words for each subject)
Stage 1:
Determining Research Question & Methodology 20.11.2020
Stage 2:
Finishing The Literature Review 18.12.2020
Stage 3:
Finishing The Research, Writing Down The Findings & Conclusions. 22.01.2021
IMPORTANT NOTE: A number of different workshops will be administered within the semester. When needed, dates and
venue will be announced to the students at least 15 days before the events.
1. 6000 to 9000 words2
2. Times New Roman, 12 pt
3. 1,5 line spacing
4. 7th edition of Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) will be used as the citing
style/format. Contact your academic advisor for further information on creating in-text references, reference
lists and bibliographies using the APA 7th style.
5. You must visit your academic advisor at least three times in his/her office during the semester.
Remember: More visits, more feedbacks, more points.
1 Official proposal form will be available on Itslearning on 16.10.2020. The students are expected to send their proposal
forms (in PDF) to Elif Cerrahoğlu (elif.cerrahoglu@comm.bau.edu.tr) as an email attachment. The meeting for the subject
proposal will be held on 23.10.2020.
2 You are going to be provided some examples by your supervisor according to your subject proposal.
Quality of Work for Each Stage 3 x 20 60 points
Presentation 25 25 points
Attention to deadlines 3 x 5 15 points
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