Network security

DB1B –  500+ words
Network Concepts

Having a complete understanding of the network that you are trying to protect is essential. You need to understand all of the details of the network before creating a plan to protect that network. Discuss the importance of the following concepts:

  • Understanding network architecture
  • The protocols used within the network
  • The infrastructure equipment and cabling
  • The software or utilities used in the network when designing the security plan for an organization
    • Discuss what the outcomes might be if this knowledge is not known.

DB2 –  500+ words

Risk Analysis of the Network

One of the best ways to begin a risk assessment is to search for methods that others have used successfully. You need to search for templates, procedures, and methodology that were used by others. Your research will allow you to use some things that worked well for others, but remember that your organization is unique and your assessment tool should reflect that.

  • You will research and analyze different risk assessment methods and how they can assist in developing a custom risk assessment tool for their analysis.
  • Once you have designed your risk assessment tool, post it along with the reasons why you designed the tool the way that you did.

DB3 –  500+words
Understanding the types of threats that are in existence will allow you to assess them and find a suitable solution to mitigate those risks. Good mitigation techniques include layered defenses, or defense-in-depth.
Explain layered defenses and describe the processes involved to ensure that layered defenses provide the appropriate level of network security. As part of the layered defense, be certain to discuss five (5) firewall types (ie. Application firewall) and suggest the most appropriate firewall to use when considering layered defenses. Defend your answer and position with additional research.

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