MVC Reflection Essay #4–Middle Childhood “I WANT IT AFTER 12hours”

“You will respond to 1 of the 5 questions/prompts provided. It is expected that you will have raised your child through the MVC online platform to be 10 years, 11 mos. prior to completing these reflections & you will use information from this simulation as well as the course (e.g., readings, lectures, discussions) in your responses. It is anticipated that your responses will be between 1-2 pages.
Which aspects of your child behavior and personality reflect continuities from earlier behavior (e.g., at ages 3-4 years) and which seem to be novel for this age level? How do these new behaviors benefit development for your child? How has your child temperament and personality allowed him/her to be resilient (or not) during this middle childhood period?  Are there particular aspects of your child temperament and personality that have made it more difficult for him/her?
What are your child cognitive abilities? Use information from the text on the various theories of cognitive abilities and provide specific evidence from your observations of your own child as well as the psychologist report at age 8 years, 11 months or other information from the program.  Think in terms of concrete operations, verbal, logical-mathematical, spatial, musical, and bodily-kinestheic intelligence, attention, memory, etc.  How will the environment that you provide to your child influence his/her cognitive abilities? What impact would a different environment have on your child?
Discuss in detail the results of your child first grade report card (& other academic information provided by the program).List some strengths that your child demonstrates in school/academically as well as any weaknesses. Were you surprised by anything in the report card?  If yes, what?  If no, what is something that made you feel proud or discouraged? How are your child regulation abilities? Do you feel regulation is important for your child during this developmental period? If so, how do you promote these abilities as a parent?  If not, what are your thoughts on the emphasis placed on these abilities in an academic setting?
Who does your child play with? What does s/he enjoy doing? Are there gender aspects to this play? Describe some examples of your child behavior or thinking that you think are due to typical American gender role socialization and explain why you think so. How closely does your attitude toward gender roles correspond to typical attitudes, and if there is a discrepancy, to what do you attribute this (e.g., culture, background, attitudes of your own parents, etc)?
What is happening for your child physically What are you noticing about her/his physical abilities/development? What are her/his eating habits?  How active is s/he? What does s/he enjoy doing during free time? Do you have any concerns about her/his health How are you able to support healthy physical development during this time?
Choose one and read the guidelines very carefully. and do as the Sample I put. And please don’t forget to bold and highlight as the example!!”
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