Module Review

“Use attached .doc file to complete the Module Reflection.
ALL PDF readings needed for Module Reflection are provided by PDF.
The reflection must contain the following sections:
synopsis of the module’s theme and its significance in education in general.
50-word minimum/100-word maximum for this section.
The heading for this paragraph is Introduction.
For each reading that is provided to you as a PDF:
Write a succinct and concise summary.
Then, identify one or more important, new, or interesting idea/concept/finding/topic discussed in the reading.
Summarize each idea/concept/finding/topic providing enough context and background information so that someone who has not read the readings could have a general understanding of it. Explain why you believed it to be important or interesting and how it is or could be applied to your practice. Provide a descriptive example so that the reader can make the connections from the readings to a real-world scenario.
100-word minimum/200-word maximum for each reading
Include a heading for each reading. The heading can be the APA in-text citation format with the author names and year. For example, Lave and Wenger (1990).
Make connections from this module to the six core values of the Department of Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching. These connections may be made through the content/topics and/or the activities completed in this module. You may focus on 2 or 3 of the core values that may be most related or appropriate to the module topics and activities.
Conclusion to this module
50-word minimum/100-word maximum for this section The heading for this paragraph is Conclusion.
Include APA style reference list for any works cited in your reflection.
The heading for this paragraph is References.”
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