Module Assessment Report

Postgraduate Taught Programmes
Module Assessment Report

Student ID Number  1943263
In-Module Work Group  ALPHA
Module Tutor Ahmed El-Said
Module Title Procurement and Inventory Management
Module Code PIM 01NC (ES9W8, 20/21)
Attendance Date 30th to 4th Dec
Module Marker Stephen Jones


Total Module Mark 55

NOTE:  The mark recorded does not include any late penalties or capping.
         The mark recorded is subject to review by the Board of Examiners.

Question Number Individual Question Marks
Available Awarded
Post Module Assessment mark 3 & 4 80 42
In-Module Assessment mark (if relevant) 20 13

The pass mark for PGT modules is 50%. Any mark below 50% is considered a fail. Students may still achieve MSc with a certain proportion of failed module marks in the 40s depending on specific course regulations, but cannot attain Merit or Distinction unless they have passed all modules needed for their course and achieved the required project mark and overall average. See your student intranet for more details (navigate to Operations & Regs > Exam Board Regulations).
Individual Comments
The tutor has provided specific comments on your work below and they may have provided an annotated script.

Strengths & Areas for Improvement
Q3. ABC – The answer shows a general lack of understanding of ABC and repeats the statements made by a single Internet source without any analysis for the case.  It ignores volume completely even though the reference used discusses this correctly.  The final point uses an abbreviation (GAAP) which is not explained.  3 / 8
Supply scheduling used one source to explain what supply scheduling is and fails to discuss the merits and risk associated with this technique.  Unfortunately the article referenced discusses a “supply schedule” and not “supply chain scheduling” – which is different 0 / 8
Dependent demand – the information is based on a single source.  The concept is understood however the merits and risk associated with the technique in the case of CCC are not fully explained. 5/8
Bulk orders – although only one reference source was used most of the merits and risk were correctly identified. 7/8
VMI – a single source of reference is used for all the information.  The merits were identified however the risk associated with this technique for the case company were not. 5/8

Total 3 + 0 + 5 + 7 +5 = 20/40

Q4. There is an over reliance on one single easily obtained source of information which focuses on the unethical practices associated with corruption and bribery, which although true it fails to explain how this might occur / be avoided in the case company, especially in the production, handling,  transportation and disposal of the concrete, steel and glass as requested by the question.    The second part of the question focused on the environmental impact of construction, like pollution.  It does suggest that CCC should have an environmental framework but would have benefited from more discussion about the production, handling, storage and disposal of the three main items.  The environmental section does use a few more references. 22/40

How to improve
Q3. Use a variety of reference sources to create a balanced view.  Justify the points being made by using examples from the case company to demonstrate the merits and risks.
Q4. Focus on the special consideration as asked for in the question, production, handling, transportation and storage of the three items, rather than just corruption.  Again, there is an over reliance on a few references.
Document structure, grammar, referencing
There were several typos, grammatical errors and spelling errors.  There was an over reliance on a few easily obtained references however these were presented correctly.
Anything else
Turnitin 16% no issues, however one or two paragraph could have been paraphrased better.


Module Learning Outcomes
The tutor has indicated below if you have achieved the module learning outcomes.  They can be “Met”, “Partially Met” and “Not Met”.

Learning Outcome Status
Understand procurement and inventory management strategies, processes and organisational concepts and their links to further areas of the logistics system Met
Know where to collect information for planning or improving supply and stock keeping processes Met
Set requirements for supplier selection process and operate in procurement and inventory management processes Met
Define the right structure of the supply network and inventory control system Met
Use best practice solutions and state of the art control methods for managing the players of the supply chain considering logistics and financial aspects Met

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