Mobile and Wireless Technology

Mobile and Wireless Technology
Alternative Assignment (Individual)
Choose the relevant Mobile and Wireless Technology to solve problems in any given scenario (C3, PLO2)
1. All discussion and justification should be made using your own words (no copy-paste work is allowed), and supported with citations from external resources (books, reliable Internet resources etc.).
2. Plagiarism is a serious offense. Zero (0) mark will be awarded for the entire assignment if any part of it is found to be copied directly from any materials or from another student.
3. Explanation should not be in general, must relate it with the given scenario.
4. All submissions should be made on or before the due date. Any late submissions after the deadline will not be entertained. Zero (0) mark will be awarded for late submission, unless extenuating circumstances are upheld.
MY Tuition Centre (MTC) is one of the well-known tuition center with innovative learning environment in Subang Jaya, Selangor, a region outside Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The tuition center currently offer good and enjoyable learning experience that covers both local and international education syllabus targeting for students between 12 – 17 years old. Apart from that, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MTC also emphasizing the importance of a fast and reliable network infrastructure being the key in achieving its innovative goal. Due to that it is amongst the well-recognized tuition center approved by Malaysia’s Ministry of Education. MTC has earned an enviable rA zeroation as a well-known tuition center through its achievements in winning a host of prestigious awards at national and international levels.
Every year, an Information Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure review need to be carried out in order to determine the efficiency of academic and administrative systems employed by MTC. Such a review will also aim to reduce the overall costs spent on ICT and also improve its reliability further down the line. In this regard, ICT department of MTC, recently, carried out an ICT infrastructure review and came out with the following questions that are to be addressed in the near future.
You as a Mobile and Wireless Technology specialist who provides wireless network support to both on-site and remote users within the university, given a job to address the following questions popped up during the ICT infrastructure review.
Question 1
Currently, the building of Block Alpha in MTC has 5 floor of flexible work spaces, all classrooms and tuition halls are equipped with audio-visual, media and computing facilities to support teaching and learning process in the class. But the senior management of MTC has realized that wireless network environment is not conducive enough for the teachers and students to carry out their academic responsibilities effectively. So, MTC have decided to provide high speed internet access as well as conducive wireless learning environment for their teachers and students. In this regard, MTC had series of discussion with the ICT Manager and other staffs in the ICT Department, and directed them to provide solutions which will help them to provide not only high speed internet access with better mobile and wireless technologies for teachers and students, but also, it potentially bring the tuition center image as a pioneer in digital learning environment. As part of the ICT Department team, you are supposed to choose appropriate mobile/wireless technology that suits senior management’s expectations. Justify your choice of selecting the proposed mobile/ wireless technology by discussing at least FIVE (5) reasons to support your argument.
(Total: 25 marks)

Question 2
The MTC Canteen adopts “No Cash” policy for purchasing its food and beverages. Currently, RFID technology is used for the payment method in which staff and student’s card is topped up with an amount and the reader that is placed at the Point of Sales (PoS) counter reads and deducts the amount when the card is placed on top of the reader. MTC would like to replace this payment method with the cutting edge technology that is making rounds in recent times and the requirements are as follows:
• The staffs/students should place their mobile phone on top of the reader, the reader reads and deducts the amount when the mobile phone is placed on top of the reader.
• Method of payment that makes staffs/students phone as digital wallet and eliminates the method of carrying cards for payment.
• To helps management in cutting overhead costs for making staff’s and student’s cards with RFID enabled chips.
Which mobile/wireless technology that suits the said requirement? Justify your choice of selecting the proposed mobile/wireless technology by discussing its features. Also, discuss its limitations as well.
(Total: 25 marks)
Question 3
MTC is well-recognized tuition center approved by the Malaysia’s Ministry of Education. The tuition center is always try to explore and use the latest technologies to give its user better experience and service. In year 2022, MTC would like to implement most cutting edge wireless communications technology for one of its buildings (Block Beta), which provides a teaching and learning space specifically for A-level and IGCSE examinations students. In other words, MTC would like to introduce Visible Light Communication (VLC) technology that delivers high-speed internet, bi-directional mobile communications in a much more secure way with the top speed of 224Gbps. Which mobile/wireless technology that suits the said requirement of MTC? Justify your choice of selecting the proposed mobile/wireless technology by discussing its working principle, advantages and disadvantages.
(Total: 25 marks)
Question 4
MTC would like to operate one of its buildings (Block Gamma) from remote locations. MTC want the electrical switches and the lightings of this block to be controlled from the remote locations. The senior management of MTC is directed your team to provide solution for the said requirement. Which mobile/wireless technology that suits senior management’s expectation? Justify your choice of selecting the proposed mobile/wireless technology by discussing its architecture and features.
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