MKTG 111 -Assignment help

The full project description can be found on BB under the assignments link
Your team has been hired as consultants by the product/brand you are going to analyze/make recommendations for improvement to their marketing
I will pick the teams and you will pick a brand from the list that I will provide
The learning intent of the project is threefold:
Apply major course concepts to a real live product
Develop team interpersonal/leadership skills
Build research & critical thinking skills
Key Due Dates/Grading Weights:
Team Written Report (Due Nov 22) 20%
Team Presentation( Due Dec 13) 10%
Team Written Report (no more than 10 pages includes the following):
Executive Summary (we will discuss how to do this in Online Meeting #3)
Competitive Analysis –you will research your product’s current marketing practices in Canada in relation to four main competitors
Segmentation Analysis: create a target market profile and two personas in relation to your product’s current marketing practices. Write a positioning statement and create a positioning map – will also require to plot your four main competitors.
SWOT Analysis – Analyze your brand’s Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats
Recommendations: evaluate your product’s current marketing mix & recommend improvements to the marketing mix.
References – you must cite all your references/research
**Please note – this assignment is only for the Canadian market**
Please also note – you must use the templates provided in the assignment requirements document (e.g. target market profile table) or risk getting grade penalized
Presentation Requirements:
A 10 minute PowerPoint Presentation with 10-12 slides – time limit will be strictly enforced – you’ll need to practice several times to insure your presentation is a maximum of 10 minutes. Each student must present an equal portion of the presentation (this won’t be a live presentation – you will insert voices into the slides – we will discuss this in our online meeting #4)
Introductory slide – with full names of students and the name of the product
Slide 1 – Overview of the product
Slide 2 – Competitive Overview of the market & recent marketing approaches
Slide 3 – Target market profile
Slide 4 – Persona (primary & secondary)
Slide 5 – Product positioning statement
Slide 6 – Positioning Map
Slide 7 –SWOT analysis
Slide 8 –Product recommendations
Slide 9 – Price recommendations
Slide 10 – Place recommendations
Slide 11 – Promotion recommendations
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