CASE No.1 
Crystal Pepsi 
In the early 1990’s Pepsi considered a product extension strategy in the form of a clear formulation called Crystal  Pepsi. Pepsi enjoyed great top-of-mind awareness with its mainstay brands, Pepsi and Diet Pepsi, and it considered  the new formulation to be a good answer to the need to expand the line without cannibalizing its two winner brands.  Crystal Pepsi was a colorless version of the Pepsi taste, and it was positioned to compete with ginger ale, cream soda  or even soda water. Pepsi’s initial market tests recorded a 6 percent share, which was three times the minimum  required share of two percent, but to some degree the initial market test share was inflated by the fad aspect of  Crystal Pepsi.
Two types of consumers showed interest in Crystal Pepsi. One type was young soft drink drinkers who were attracted  to the new and unique aspects of the drink, and other type was older consumers who gravitated to Crystal Pepsi’s  clear and wholesome image. In actuality, Crystal Pepsi did not taste like a cola.

  1. Assuming Pepsi decided to conduct marketing research, what type of research should they conduct? Justify your  answer. (20 points)

Florida Life Styles Magazine 
Florida Life Styles Magazine is positioned as an upscale, lifestyle magazine targeting affluent residents of Florida living  mainly in large metropolitan areas such as Miami, Tampa and Orlando. It positions itself with: 1) high-quality color  photography; (2) a focus on people, places, and current fads; (3) an emphasis on youthful, active, and energetic lifestyles;  (4) affluent appeals; (5) Florida themes; (6) highly complementary advertising. Current subscription ranges between  20,000 and 25, 000.00, and some copies are sold in newsstands. Multiple and “pass-along” readership believed to be hig.  Particularly with professionals, such as doctors, who have the magazine available in the waiting room.
Recently, magazine advertising salespeople have voie frustration in targeting and perfecting sales representations to  prospective advertising clients. They are uncertain of precisely which companies have to approach, and when they do  make presentations, they have difficulty answering prospective advertisers’ question about Florida Life Styles Magazine’s  readers. During the initial conversation, the market researcher, learns that information exists on demographic profile of  subscribers, but little exist in company files on the life-style or other relevant buying behavior aspect of subscriber.

  1. Specify the marketing research problem. Justify your answer (20 points)

Case No. 3. 
Kat Colley graduated from ARIZONA State University.s College of Business in 1986. While a student, she interned with  ASU department responsible for the campus entertainment complex. This includes a stadium, indoor sports arena and a  large performing arts auditorium,. The intern experience enabled Kat to get a job with an international arena management  firm in San Diego, California, She was soon transferred to Michigan where she opened the Detroit Pistons’coliseum.  Recently, she became the marketing director of the Pensacola Civic Center in Pensacola, Florida. Kat has a choice of  dozens of types of entertainment she can book at the Center. Examples include ice skating, wrestling, rodeos, magicians,  and recording artists representing many types of music such as country and western, rock, jazz, classical and so on. Within  any one of these categories, she has anywhere fro a few to several hundred entertainment group from which to base her  booking selections. The Pensacola Civic Center is a for-profit business. Civic Center owners are interested in maximizing  revenues generated by the center. Of course, revenues are a function of the size of the audience and price it is willing to  pay to see a particular form of entertainment. Kat has learned from her experience in three different markets in Arizona,  California and Michigan that audience size and ticket prices vary both for types of entertainment as well as for different  entertainment.

  1. What should Colley do first? (10 points)
  2. What kind of information should she seek? (10 points)
  3. Where should she gets this information? (10 points)

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