Midterm II take home assessment/exam components:

ARTH 101 A F2020
Marks: 80
Midterm II take home assessment/exam components:
• Part I: Short Answer Questions (30 marks)
• Part II: Unknown Images (20 marks)
• Part III: Essay Question (30 marks)
The final assessment must be typed an easy to read font, preferably 12 point and double-spaced with standard margins and should be proofread before submitting to Moodle. Your submission should include your name and student ID number. Please clearly label each section and question. See each section for further instructions.
In your own words, provide a response to each of the 3 questions. Please be sure include the title, along with its corresponding period and date and answer each question fully using sentence/paragraph format. Responses in point form will be penalized.
Question 1: In what ways does this statue conform to earlier Egyptian models and in what ways does it deviate from them? For your response consider subject, form and purpose / function / meaning. (10 marks)
Question 2: What is this structure? Analyze the form and function of it for the people that made it, highlighting key structural techniques and materials that were used in its creation. (10 marks)
Question 3: What is this structure? Describe the form and function of this piece for the people that made it, highlighting its key structural components, main subject and the arrangement of the imagery. (10 marks)
See next page for Part II.
Students must provide a response to 4 of the 7 unknown images. For each image, explain what period and time frame you think the piece was made (according to the periods and dates on your image & terms list) and describe 3 supporting points to support your argument (subject, form, symbolism, context, materials etc.) and link it to a specific piece we covered in class. Please write the number of the image with your response for each question.
Students must provide a response to 1 of the 2 essays. Questions are based on class lectures, textbook readings and other assigned course materials and are designed to test learning of course content through critical analysis of select artworks/period styles. Full marks will only be awarded to students who include information from all of these resources. Using these materials, provide a response in your own words. The essay length should be 5-6 paragraphs with approximately 500 words (2-3 pages double spaced). The exam length may vary slightly for different students so be sure to answer the question fully based on the materials we have covered in class. Essays must include an introduction with a clear thesis statement and a conclusion. The argument should be well organized and the body of the essay should include ample supporting details/evidence to answer the question as fully as possible.
You should not need to consult sources beyond these materials to complete the assignment and it is recommended that you answer the questions in your own words. However, if you are directly quoting or substantially paraphrasing these resources or if you choose to consult additional materials to complete the assignment, ensure that you are properly citing these sources and using credible resources in your paper. Do NOT use Wikipedia as a resource. As I read your paper, I will be asking “how does this student know this information?” If you use the words or ideas of another writer without acknowledging that writer, it is considered plagiarism. Remember to properly cite all of your references using MLA style. If using the MLA in-text citations (parenthetical references) be sure to include a list of works cited page at the end of your essay. Students who fail to properly give credit to sources could receive a “0” for the assignments. Depending on the situation, other penalties such as failure of course, suspension or expulsion from Concordia University of Edmonton could be applied (see Section 9.2.5 of the Calendar)
The essay response requires students to formulate formal and contextual commentary on specific artworks. FORMAL commentary relates to the making or construction of art: materials, process, composition, proportions, subject matter etc. while CONTEXTUAL commentary relates to the culture that produced the object; specifically its religious, political, philosophical, socio-cultural practices and beliefs and what function the object/building might have served or what meaning it might have held for the people that made it.
Essay Question #1: Choose between A or B
Essay Question Option A:
Considering the period style of each statue, compare and contrast Spearbearer (Doryphorus) (by Polykleitos) (c.450-440 BCE) with Augustus of Primaporta (1st century CE) in terms of subject, form (what it looks like, how it is put together including pose & expression etc.), symbolism and function/meaning. Please use specific examples to support your answer.
Essay Question Option B:
Considering the period style of each structure, compare and contrast the Parthenon (447-432 BCE) with the Pantheon (118-128 CE) in terms of materials and methods of construction, form (parts and layout) and function. Please use specific examples to support your answer. See above additional comments regarding essay format.
Additional Notes for Essay Preparation
Evaluation & Grading
The following elements will be considered for grading:
• does the essay introduce the topic with a clear thesis statement in the introduction?
• does the essay address relevant points of consideration? Is ample supporting material/evidence included and is the question fully answered?
• are specific examples provided to give clarity of position/argument?
• how persuasive is the position of the writer on the topic?
• does the conclusion summarize the thesis statement and the main points discussed in the body of the essay in a new way?
• are ideas clearly presented in an organized way?
• are the mechanics of writing used properly (grammar, punctuation etc.)?
• is the paper the appropriate length?
• If sources are used, are they sources cited accurately and according to MLA standardized format including a bibliography or works cited page?
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