Metacognition: Thoughts about my Thinking essay

In an essay of at least four (4) pages but not more than six (6) pages, identify and describe your thoughts about something you believe and determine if your beliefs are in line with the thinking of experts. You may want to develop the content of this essay by comparing and contrasting three things you think about your belief with the thinking of the experts you read about while conducting research.

The introduction: You definitely want to begin this essay by explaining what you plan to do, which is to use a metacognitive approach to think about what you think about a belief you have. In your introduction you may want to share with your readers the definition of metacognition and provide an example or two. Your introduction should also introduce the readers to the belief you have and the three things that support why you believe what you believe.

Body Paragraphs: The body paragraphs should support the main idea of your essay, metacognitive thought about a belief you have. If you identified, in the introduction, three thoughts you have about your belief, use these to organize your body paragraphs. Write a couple paragraphs for each of the thoughts you have about the belief you have in the same order as you introduced these thoughts in your introduction. For each of the thoughts you have that support your belief, describe your thought in detail, where you came to believe what you believe, and why you believe what you believe. Provide examples that will help your reader. This is where you should also introduce information you found in your research. Quote material to show that the experts support your thinking or that show that the experts have different thoughts. Try using this approach to describe and support each of the thoughts you want to discuss.

The conclusion: Conclusions are very important to your readers. Just as the introduction provided an avenue for your reader to get into the ideas you present, the conclusion is your way to get the reader out of your essay. Your conclusion should end your story. Avoid adding new information in your conclusion. Instead, create a brief summary of what you discussed in your essay. AND….let the reader know that your thinking has changed or that you will continue to think the same. Let the reader know how valuable it is to think about what you think. Leave the reader with a clear and positive message about the importance of “thinking about what you think.”

Special note: I have described an organizational method to writing an essay about this topic and most any topic you write about. You do not have to follow this approach, as many of you have writing strengths that support you organizing material in other effective ways. I just want you to have an idea of how to effectively write essays that ask you to explain and use a concept.

Finally, please make sure you pay special attention to the following criteria:

  • The focus of this essay is metacognition and a belief you have that you really haven’t thought about, including why you believe as you believe and how you came to believe as you believe.
  • You must quote sources to support your ideas in this essay. Re-visit Chapter 17-20, as these chapters provides excellent information on how to find and develop resources and how to quote sources, as well as other helpful information.
  • Your resources must be credible. Avoid .com sites. Look for online resources ending in .edu, .gov, .org, etc. These resources are usually peer-reviewed and written by experts, making them reliable sources for you to consider.
  • The essay must be formatted following MLA guidelines. Again, this essay must strictly follow MLA formatting guidelines
  • You must have a minimum of 3 in-text citations (one quote from each of your sources) and you must follow MLA guidelines
  • The Works Cited page must contain a minimum of 3 resources and follow MLA guidelines
  • This essay must be focused on the topic, “Metacognition: Thoughts about my Thinking.”


Evaluation: Your essay will be evaluated using the criteria listed below. “A” papers will exhibit mastery in these general skills. Papers receiving lesser grades will need improvement in one or more of these areas.

  1. C–Content: Does the paper address the topic of the assignment? Is it interesting? Does it create a dominant impression for the reader? Are the ideas fresh and original?
  2. O–Organization: Does the essay have a main idea? Does the paper have a clear plan? Is it unified? Is all the material presented relevant to the main idea?
  3. D–Development: Does the paper use specific examples, sensory details, and figurative language, such as similes and metaphors, to expand the main idea? Are the resources quoted effectively and correctly
  4. Style: Is the writing efficient? Is the information broken up into paragraphs? Do the sentence lengths vary and has the writer incorporated a variety of sentence types? Has the writer achieved a natural voice? Does the writer use English grammar and punctuation rules correctly?
  5. Specific criteria: Has the writer followed all guidelines listed for this assignment?
  6. This essay assignment is due on Thursday, July 29, 2021, and is worth 100 points. No late submissions will be accepted. No exceptions.

Point Distribution:

Content, Organization, Development: ___ /60

MLA Formatting for essay and Works Cited page: ____/30

Mechanics (grammar, punctuation, spelling): _____/10

Total points available: 100 points


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