Mergers and Acquisitions

A written report for 2500 words
You are a financial adviser at a private equity. Your company offers strategic financial services to high net worth clients. This assign* is intended to help you provide professional advice to the potential clients who are interested in understanding whether M&As present valuable investment opportunities.
Normally, in an M&A, you have one acquirer (sometimes referred to as the bidder, buyer, purchaser) using some cash, stocks, or a combination of both, to acquire the majority of the stocks of a target company.
Q- How do M&A announcements affect the stock returns of both the acquirer and the target? To answer this question, you need to identify ONE completed acquisitions involving one ASX- listed company acquiring another ASX-listed company and both acquisitions were announced between 01/01/2005 and 01/01/2019. Note that some acquisitions take longer than several months to complete. Please make sure you pick the acquisition that you are most interested in.
For the acquisition, please obtain the following information:
1) Acquirer and Target company’s ticker on ASX;
2) The exact date of this acquisition announcement;
3) The offer price;
4) Both companies’ stock prices (adjusted price for the daily closing price) spanning from one calendar year before the announcement until the completion day. If in some cases, the target and/or the acquirer only become ASX-listed within one year of the announcement date, please download the stock price information since the company’s IPO day.
Define the offer premium paid by the acquirer to the target company per share of stock.
Suppose we denote T as the announcement day. If the announcement happens from Friday evening to Sunday night, you can treat T as the immediate following trading day.
Please state clearly how you obtain acquirer’s offer price, then calculate the offer premium and calculate the acquirer’s and target’s stock returns over the following intervals, respectively:
a) one calendar month interval before the takeover announcement, i.e., sum of daily returns from T-30 to T-1;1
b) three trading days after the takeover announcement, i.e., sum of THREE daily returns from T to T+2; (if T, T+1, or T+2 is a non-trading day, please use the following trading day return);
c) one calendar month after the takeover announcement, i.e., sum of daily returns from T to T+30
Please describe the offer premium and the two companies’ stock returns in a) to c) and explain what you learn from these results. Anything intuitive, counter-intuitive? For instance, you can describe the relation between offer premium and target’s returns in b) and c). You can also discuss the two companies’ return trends in a) to c).
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