Memo Assignment

CMNS 1114 Core Assignment #2 (10%) – Memo Assignment (10%)

  • Please Submit in Brightspace in a Word or .pdf file –

Case Study:
You are the assistant manager of your neighborhood Coffee Delight (a local coffee shop chain).  Recently, you and your general manager have been noticing that staff have not been observing company protocols as strictly as they were last year.  Specifically, you have observed your staff taking breaks of longer than 15 minutes, smoking directly outside the main door, sometimes arriving to work after smoking marijuana, leaving without telling anyone they are going on break,  etc. You have noticed that some people are even playing games on their phones while customers are waiting. Others are sipping coffee and chatting in the back while they are supposed to be clearing tables or taking orders. Oh, and the worst part: your store has a strict no pets policy, but you have seen some of the employees inviting the neighbours’ dogs in.
Clearly, this behaviour can’t continue, as it endangers the health of customers and staff, and puts the coffee shop at risk of losing money (which will cause the store’s owners to lose money and make them incredibly angry with you).
 Your Task:

  1. Write a memo to your staff requesting that they observe company protocols more strictly from now on. Keep in mind that you have had a hard time keeping good staff at this location, so you want to remind your staff of the protocols, but you don’t want them to quit.
  2. Upload your memo and complete the evaluation rubric with your memo. Assess yourself in all of the categories and give yourself a mark. Completing the self-evaluation rubric will help you proofread and improve your message.

Tips for Success:

  • Be sure to review Chapters 1, 2, 3, and 4 (pg. 70-75) in our textbook and the video lessons on writing memos before starting this assignment. Review the online discussion boards and comments.
  • Study the case carefully before you begin. You are permitted to ask the instructor questions about the case.
  • Before writing, also make sure to spend time determining your purpose, analyzing your audience, and considering how they are likely to react.
  • Be very careful about establishing an appropriate tone and selecting only necessary information to include in your email.
  • Use positive language as much as possible and ask yourself how you would react to your wording if you were the recipient. It’s a good idea to read your message out loud, in order to gauge its impact and overall tone.
  • Remember to set up your document as if it were an actual memo: you must include To, From, and Subject headers.
  • Remember less is often more in situations such as this. Make sure your content is complete and specific, but still concise. Limit your email to one page, maximum.
  • Don’t simply copy and paste details from the scenario: put the message in your own words. Some parts of the case study have been badly written or written in an inappropriate tone on purpose.
  • Proofread carefully: you will be graded on spelling and mechanics, tone and style, grammar, format, and content.
  • Be creative! You can make up and add any reasonable and believable details to your email.

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