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Ominous octet (patho-physiological approach) versus the stepwise approach Ominous octet (patho-physiological approach) versus the stepwise approach Hello (1) Ominous octet (patho-physiological approach) We have now discussed different non-insulin Diabetes therapies that are popularly used today. Now it is time to discuss the ominous octet, where would you put various agents? Discuss this!!! Are the Diabetes Organizations misleading us with the stepwise approach? Using the reference below and any other reference, have fun!!! (2) If you have no access to GLP-1 ANALOGUES and pioglitazone, what drug regimen will you suggest as an alternative to the DeFronzo’s Ominous octet (patho-physiological approach) regimen? Reference DeFronzo, R.A., Eldor, R. and Abdul-Ghani, M. (2013) ‘Pathophysiologic Approach to Therapy in Patients with Newly Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes’, Diabetes Care, 36(Supplement 2), pp. S127-S138 [Online].Available at:

: 28 March 2021)
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