Media Analysis

Group 5 – Wiki (Wikipedia) series of articles of Taylor Swift (covering at least the equivalent of 10 pages DIN A4 in Times New Roman, font size 12, in 1.5 spaced lining – excluding pictures)
Report Paper Requirements
Length: 4 pages
-Describe the essentials of a New Media PR presence / promotion of an Institution / person of your choice (describe the Institution / person as well)
-Explain your choice
-Why have you decided to write about this PR publication platform of your Institution / person of choice?
-Introduce the background of your Institution / person, if not well enough known (otherwise at least briefly)
Rate the quality of the professional diligence (structure, design) of the analyzed New Media PR platform; identify key findings
Rate the content of the analyzed New Media PR platform in terms of quality, quantity and objectivity; identify key findings
Compare the New Media PR platform of your Institution / person to comparative New Media PR platforms of similar Institutions / persons. How do they compare (identify similarities and differences)?
What trends do you observe / anticipate in terms of quality and quantity for your New Media PR platform?
I- Background Description (Briefly about Taylor Swift, bio, outstanding activities (milestones), latest developments, her career and her digital presence, including main Wikipedia page and related pages)
II- Why Taylor Swift ? (Write about the reason of choosing her. What’s the motivation/reason behind the decision. What’s special about her digital presence that we decide to write about her.
III- Taylor Swift’s Wikipedia Analysis
1-Content (structure, design, quality, quantity, update and credibility of the content, any creative visual or method being used)
2-The essential of the Wiki page to Taylor Swift’s digital presence and/or her promotion
3-Comparison between Taylor Swift’s Wiki pages and other celebrities (similarities and differences, arrange in a descending order of importance)
4-Possible trend can be observed or anticipated through the Wiki channels (? Will the amount of published content increase? Will traffic grow? How will design and functionality change? Will new components be integrated in your New Media PR platform? If yes, which ones? Will your trends be short-term or long-term?)
IV- Conclusion
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