MD2 EDUC 3212 Discussion

“Importance of Immunization and Debunking Myths
Although immunization is heralded by the scientific community as “”a proven tool for controlling and eradicating infectious diseases”” (World Health Organization, 2009), persistent myths surrounding immunizations have increased vaccination fears and decreased immunization rates for some populations. It is important for child development professionals to both understand the role of immunizations in supporting children’s healthy growth and development and be able to respond to families’ concerns regarding immunizations.
Consider the following scenario:Marta and Emmanuel Richters are the parents of a 2-month-old infant and a 3-year-old child. They have recently watched a television program that explored potential linkages between vaccinations and autism. They have expressed to you their concerns about having their youngest child vaccinated and continuing the vaccination course for their older child.
By Day 7 of Week 4:
Post your thoughts with regard to:The importance of immunizations in supporting young children’s healthy growth and developmentWhat you have learned regarding the growing controversy surrounding immunizations and the scientific community’s responses to these concernsSuggestions for how you would address this family’s concerns
Make sure that your posting cites specific sources and any opinions you voice are backed by research.”
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